Guild wars 2 server snapped – A large number of players suffer great losses

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Guild wars 2 server snapped – A large number of players suffer great losses

Post  Admin on Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:23 pm

Guild Wars 2It<a href="">RS old school gold</a> seemed that “Guild wars 2″ server is unbearable heavy burden, a large number of players last night were kicked out of the game in the course of loading the game and can’t log in, and the official website BBS also is not able to be accessed. After things happened, ArenaNet community team immediately communicated with the vast number of players through the Twitter, and said the problems have begun to investigate.
After stopping server about an hour, the “Guild Wars 2″ can be landed again and is only<a href="">Buy Runescape Old School gold</a> residual some little harmless problem. But, many players found their recent efforts, including pathfinding area in map, props, experience<a href="">RS 2007 gold</a> value and gold, have been lost. According to the “Guild Wars 2″ official Twitter said, the “Guild Wars 2″ team can’t recover the players growth data or game props that are lost due to server interrupt. In addition problem that is told to be kicked off line and can’t land has been solved, no one in ArenaNet responded for the sudden outage and how to avoid the similar problems in the future.
Have you experienced the thing? If Arenanet can’t solve this problem, may loss some players <a href="">Runescape 2007 Gold</a>in future. Hope them explaining the reason.


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