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Kritika ultra Action core experience testing Features inventory Empty Kritika ultra Action core experience testing Features inventory

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Kritika freedom is a full 3D perspective, with a strong comic style super action game!

The role of their interpretation of the magnificent story is full of personality. Classical magical fantasy world, the magic revolution brought the war swept through the continent. Various forces staged strife and intrigue, revenge and betrayal, plot the ups and downs of the people seem to have a game to play an animation film “illusion, to give you an unprecedented gaming experience! Most significant feature of the game high-speed brisk battle to combat a sense of the knife into the meat with the ultimate combos people to fully experience the perfect combination of the straightforward and skills. Brilliant and rich skills, great research depth the various derived with paragraphs and attribute changes, multiplayer fighting game as deep combat system will make favorite players were able to extricate themselves plus stunning performances “super nirvana”, will also subvert your gorgeous limit at a time!

The high-speed, smooth, gorgeous are all Kritika fighting features. A total of nine kinds of completely different styles of occupational fighting style action game carry forward and exhausted. In critical you are sure to find their own love. Gorgeous combat effects, each career full of research combos depth. Hone your skills, play fascinating even strokes.

Cartoon style picture, cartoon-like plot and character design, the game looks like a piece of animation can play. Game system, there is a lot of animation elements design waiting for you. If you are a gaming enthusiast, but also animation enthusiasts Kritika must be the game you dream.

Kritika since it is a piece of animation can play, which of course include all kinds of enemy characters. BOSS in the game are drawn from the well-known role in the self-story. The skills of these humanoid Boss are full of personality, let you fully experience the fun of the game.

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