World of tanks has broken the world record

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World of tanks has broken the world record Empty World of tanks has broken the world record

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World of tanks before refresh a single server is online at the same time the number of the Guinness Book of World Records maintained.

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The official said that there were 190,541 people at the same time the Russian server, log in to the game to break the record previously maintained by the World of Tanks 91,311 players record, and the new record is twice as much of the original record number. The Wargaming global operations vice president said Andrei Yarantsau. If this rate continues. “tank world” will soon be setting a new Guinness World Record.

January 5, 2011, “World of Tanks” in Russia’s server at the same time accepted the 74,536 people involved in the game, breaking the single server previously set in June 2010 by the EVE OL Peak simultaneous online 60,453 people’s records, and has become the world for the first time on a single server online at the same time the most number of games. In January this year, the “World of Tanks” hanbok on the line just two weeks later, while online rapidly than 1 million people.

This was a third-person shooter war games. Players to manipulate the 1930-1950 era tanks PvP battle, with a high degree of strategic requirements and cooperation. The game offers hundreds of tanks from the Soviet Union, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and all based on historical height restore.

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