Magic century upgrade novice raiders

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Magic century upgrade novice raiders  Empty Magic century upgrade novice raiders

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Five according to the guidelines, do the task, do first mainline again Spur 5 can transfer, see your turn, if you want to turn a career fighting cattle will, to turn assassin, (people think assassin tail flower than other occupations, upgrade slow, purely personal opinion) if you want to turn more than blood, fought, played the Friends of the Friends of the war machine to battle hair trick slowest thorn rival.
Stab soldiers to fight the consumption of blood, you hit him, his blood more than anti-dry playing immortality, bottle brush strange is cattle. If you want to turn the highest attack the turn, most of the magic inside the magic pet inside the pet magic pet the highest French attack, but like the novel as the body is if.
Paladins this career is to serve the people, skills, and more hair strokes fast, can be resurrected after 60 the four St. team fights invincible. What? You will not use the trial! 24 skills to learn, if you judge the skills used properly you can foreclose any opponent.
Fighting suggestions: first a blessing, to improve the defense to prevent opponents ahead of attacks, again a Light, and then focus on the trial, St. strike, strike of the holy, holy strike the enemy’s blood half gone, when blessing in concentrated, holy strike, St. strike, St. strike, St. strike, St. strike, you say to me why do not the trial? A round can only be made once. Play when million are you cannot talk about the attack, he sent to fight holy general wear Garb light, then the trial of St. the strike, Pugong, St. strike, circulation play, I’m sure 85% hit rate.
Four careers have their own strengths, do the task, and soon on the ten, you can go to the group go road to brush snake demon god, clarity righteous bad brush, the snake singles brush can team hit learned ants. Brush 13 can continue to make the task answer evening, until 15, you can copy the right foot of the plains in Fira. Inside the monster is very powerful, it is recommended that your team, does not forget a ten fifteen their spree collar.
I’m a play with the magic of the old players, playing magic for three years. This Raiders to write. I will give the Raiders. This article is from:
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