Loneliness likes an island quiet and nature

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Loneliness likes an island quiet and nature Empty Loneliness likes an island quiet and nature

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Train when watching the sea while eating, sleeping, eat satisfied to sleep by the sea, is all I can do and to do everything. The steps of time seem to go so slow. Night, flood water diffuse to the dialogue building, bouts of scour the reef under the bed board, confused as if asleep in the sea, in the cabin became the cradle in the sea. Didn’t wake up early in the morning wake up, the sea, the sun is on the farther side of the mountain, in a hammock with sound waves ah wave, see sea water between half dream half awake from weak become green, the sky changed from gray to blue. In the restaurant on the beach, do not need to make a bet with bread crumbs, can see schools of fish in the clear water games. In the afternoon, the tide began to recede, and the sun still, waiting for the sun to go swimming. Waiting, reading in a hammock, swinging on the swing.

Map, if you look at like island southeast has a like the elephant nose protruding peninsula, west of long beach on the peninsula, eye shot is open, so every day can see extremely glorious sunset. Long beach is not long, but very gentle beach, tide and vast sea water at the beach. At sunset, sky clouds are dyed golden, magic into pink, beach sea also became a mirror of the sky, changed a lot.

This kind of motor boats, ships, water parachute aquatic amusement facilities is no trace to be found in long beach, and even cruise lines all have no. Every day to see the sea, and always look forward to sailing, fortunately, to a small boat. Shakti, comes from the Sanskrit, meaning peace, appeared in t. s. Eliot’s the waste land, is also the name of what I put out to sea in a boat. Ship owner is old French hippie Allen, all the doors and Windows of tilt, because Allen felt right angle is too boring. Lonely beach and white sand beaches of the big cruise ships have three or four layers, each with dozens of people out to sea, Allen only four passengers.

By Sea, sea water into pure green, no impurities. Wear a buoyancy diving mask and snorkel jump into the sea, a sea urchin has looked at the bottom of white beach, patches of tiny fish agile, I swim faster than any. Kurdish island is a private island, cannot go ashore. And mark long island beaches and flat, no one, only one dog in for a walk. This trip, see people, at least saw most of is the sea and sunset, never feel lonely. As for the most “lively” white beach, in fact than sumy, mint, Bali and other popular island southeast Asia is much more quiet.This article is from:
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