New Free shooting online game Born to Fire officially released

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New Free shooting online game Born to Fire officially released

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 19, 2013 12:23 am

Born to Fire

Recently, Aeria Games released a new shooting online game named “Born to Fire”.
The game bases on a powerful professional system, with the delicate balance the first person shooter multiplayer experience. Five kinds of unique professional includes the deadly “double gunmen” thepowerlevel.comand “scout” who one hand holds shotgun, another hand is shield, all have their own advantages and weaknesses, players must make better use of them in the battle. Each profession must have good cooperation with other professions, which the team can win.
The game also provides three play mode: the deathmatch, besieged and demolition, each mode requires different fighting style. Officials plan to first launch 12 maps that were elaborately designed; they will also issue more modes and maps in the future.
In addition, they specially designed the audience mode and window mode for electronic competitive game in the game, which allow anyone (even if not installed games client) easily to watch, playback and record game video the view of any players.
Developers Aeria Games was established in the United States in 2006, currently has offices in Germany and Brazil. The “Born to Fire” will adopt the free operation mode, now has accepted the test applications of players.


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