2012 year senior jewelry design is great reward-the end

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2012 year senior jewelry design is great reward-the end Empty 2012 year senior jewelry design is great reward-the end

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The source of inspiration: Inspired by luxury lace dress skirt, as if it were a light and elegant touch of breath, as if the skin is covered with diamonds woven flowers. The cut diamond embroidery gorgeous necklace, gold thread and a variety of shapes the overall hollow and legible mesh structure so that it seemed lace, permeated with the temptation of the beauty of the Upanishads. The source of inspiration: drawing from the inspiration of natural springs and waterfalls, deep gorgeous colors of tanzanite to 175 k in the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the performance of natural deep and mysterious! Gaze the Fengyun magnificent exquisite gems, as if lost in a deep and mysterious charm. The source of inspiration: the inspiration comes from the design of ballet, to learn Chinese classic dance drama “Silk Road” in fairy Timmia, secret-style mosaic of the iconic ruby elegant flowing skirt, showing a tribute to the Chinese culture. Jewelry surface velvety gorgeous gloss shine out, so as to show the gem and glamor, and totally natural beauty of the jewelry.

This article is from: http://www.gemsyou.com/2012-year-senior-jewelry-design-is-great-reward-the-end


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