What shoes women wear are most healthy

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What shoes women wear are most healthy Empty What shoes women wear are most healthy

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In spirit, women and shoes are extremely intimate partner. In summer, women how to wear shoes healthy? We need to do a comprehensive assessment of the physical characteristics and seasonal situation? You know, the feet are very important for our female health in our body. It is critical to choose heel level and the thickness of shoes. 1, wearing shoes about three centimeters is beneficial to health Many people feel that as long as it is high-heeled shoe is poor to health, which is one-sided. If the shoe you wear is three centimeters feel comfortable, to correct certain body type and protection, maintain the arch of the foot plays a certain role. 2, people who are not well waist and kidney function avoid wearing the high heels Long time wearing high heels need more and stable footwall, you can imagine what situation it will cause people who are poor waist and kidney. 3, people who are thick legs try to wear flat heel shoes That does not need too much explanation. If you do not want to let your legs more and more coarse, please less wear high heels! 4, people who are o-type legs avoid wearing high heels for a long time High heels are absolutely killer of o-legged friends!

This article is from: http://www.fashionalline.com/what-shoes-women-wear-are-most-healthy


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