Up to Level 90-Which Top Game Content Can Players Experience

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Up to Level 90-Which Top Game Content Can Players Experience Empty Up to Level 90-Which Top Game Content Can Players Experience

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Mists of Pandaria, one of our primary design goals is to provide players more diverse top game content. We hope that when the players up to the highest level, in addition to the basic heroic dungeons, raid and the day-to-day tasks, but also for a ric
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her gaming experience. In this new expansion as a starting point, we will introduce three new game features: scenes battle, five Town Challenge modes, as well as a small pet battle system – hope to enhance the experience of the game you are familiar with.
Here are just a part of our preparations for the 90 players:
There are a lot of daily tasks to choose from, the process to complete the task, you will see the vivid stories fascinating plot.
Expect to get courage points and equipment, but also provides a variety of team content: Scene Battle.
9 Town, including six new Pandaria Town (normal mode and heroic mode selection), and three new design Heroic dungeons (based on the classic Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance).
Challenge mode, players in nine new dungeons the ultimate test Heroic challenging, successfully customs clearance will also receive epic level modeling reward. cheap gold for wow
Players can choose a variety of new forces, experience the unique game mechanics and win special rewards.
2 new battlefields (PVP game experience different styles and strategic goals) and a new arena.
Three epic raid showdowns with the new enemies. Three copies, respectively, in the team search mode, normal mode and hero mode.
In addition, there are more exciting content. Our goal is to provide a large number of diverse game content for 90 players, this goal is not only reflected in the release of the game, we will be even more of its run through the entire process of the Game subsequent versions developed. buy wow gold


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