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What New Zones Will Be Opened Empty What New Zones Will Be Opened

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Pandaria continent there are a total of seven major new zones to explore for 85 or more players, the novice players will be in the

homeland outside a separate zone to begin their adventure. Since we first released in BlizzCon Mists of Pandaria for t

he players we added two regions to explore – Krasarang Wilds and the Dread Wastes – substantial expansion of the area of the

continent (not simple split existing regional), so that the Pandaria terrain become more diverse. The following is an introduction

to these new zones and its tentative name:
Jade Forest: high-grade explorers first landed in jade Lin Panda Elijah continent. In this dense forest, they will encounter some of

the unique biological Panda Elijah, “Kam fish” and “monkey clan”.
Valley of the Four Winds: here, rolling green hills, fertile farmland panda, travelers can find in the valley where the legendary

Storm Spirits Wine Shop.
Kun-Lai Summit: in this frozen mountains of the players will encounter a mysterious sect: Shadow Pan, they guarded the darkest

secrets of the Panda Leah.
Townlong Steppes: the ferocious greed mantis raging becomes a desolate mound of earth and a huge wall with green the forests and

plains of the Panda Leah split.
Krasarang Wilds: Panda Elijah south beach is covered with a lush rainforests, lost ruins and dangerous island Star Lo embellishment

in this area.
Dread Wastes: here was a mantis stronghold, fear of the “evil” are now viewed captured. It has gradually corrupts became a

terrorist wetlands around here is a swamp and charred soil. Players must immediate concern the way the the mantis queen’s lair to

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