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Pulau Redang is located in Redang Island Karon Bay, here only Kalong a resort, more than 30-room resort is exceptionally quiet, Karon bay coral, clear water and moving was completely blue, flocks of yellow-greenand white tropical fish, shed a piece of bread, they will be flock to. Occasionally, there will be fish people as bread pecking on a people screaming into the water you can snorkel, shark-infested from time to time.
The resort’s restaurant is the village core area. Here is both the foreground is also a bar, a restaurant, coffee lounge area. The restaurant is open 24 hours, a total of four meals for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner is self-service, non-feeding time throughout the day provide free coffee, bread, and a variety of jams, peanut butter, and hungry at any time since the toast to eat beverages throughout the day free of water, ice water, iced orange juice drink in the restaurant can also bottling away.

The resort offers morning and afternoon sea snorkeling services, daily breakfast tea in the restaurant, waiting for the sea snorkeling, the morning snorkeling time 9:15,9:00 when the waiter will shout along a cul-de-sac of the accommodation areas on again “Snorkeling”, generally there will be 20 people participated in snorkeling, each snorkeling will change different locations, each has a different feel, especially in the morning direct sunlight underwater, deep water corals are illuminated dazzling, colorful tropical fish come and go in the coral thicket, people look at the water fish swim around waiting to eat bread, fish are not afraid of people, in front of cruising. Feeding fish to bring snorkeling gloves, otherwise they would be to bite the hand of yo. Morning of snorkeling basic return 11:30 the Kalong lunch 13:00, so we do not have a nap, ate lunch and then out to sea snorkeling. Afternoon departure 14:15 16:30 Back came back just in time for afternoon tea, afternoon tea time just right, is the most tired and hungry.

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