Duominasi they gradually come to understand Shaiya

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Duominasi they gradually come to understand Shaiya Empty Duominasi they gradually come to understand Shaiya

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The first chapter, the creationGenesis (Age of of Genesis)In order to escape the spirit world war, the creation of the goddess Yi Taian to the time and space called shaiya.The first shaiya the world empty, the Yitai An use their wealth of knowledge and experience, and begin to create things in the world. Born in the first shaiya the world is a vast expanse of the ocean goddess to use it to cut off shaiya and other space, avoiding the spread of this spirit world war. shaiya gold Their own flesh, she was taken into the sea, God's flesh gradually metamorphosed into the broad continent and further evolution of several overlapping peaks of the hills and plains, and as the years change, physically originally flowing blood, the earth surging the river, a complete prototype of the mainland gradually formed. The goddess of this land named Ti Oswald Epstein los, meaning "God of the earth".In ancient times (Age of Teras)]Ponder over and over again, to complete the creation of the continent, the goddess decided to create more life to them to manage and promote the orderly development of the world. To consolidate his absolute authority of the in shaiya world supremacy, Yi Taian create only the gods of the shaiya world - these has been given the power of magic and wisdom of the gods, as a goddess loyal subordinate to the orderly management of things in the world.After the , the goddess of creation of life Duominasi, before gods, Duominasi not have their own thinking and consciousness, completely subservient to rule, and the faithful implementation of each command, the whole world in accordance with this order, work in harmony for a long time.Middle Ages (Age of Spiritus)]The medieval period was the era of the , and Duominasi life. Professor of , Duominasi they gradually come to understand: Yitai An shaiya absolute supremacy of God, and life-long as their subordinates responsible for the management of the world. Although the vast majority of Duominasi in and not seen the goddess according to Tyan, but said they admired the gods convinced.Of there learn to farming and other technology, Duominasi are gradually multiply off. Effective management of the gods, Duominasi population, more and more forces gradually throughout the United Oswald continent.The second chapter, reincarnationChaos and destruction period (Age of Patema)]"Anger, hatred, love, sorrow, greed, depravity, envy, these seven emotions break the long-term peaceful scene Yi Taian brought back from the spirit world, they have eroded Duominasi original pure spiritual world, so that m The Nasdaq began to self-consciousness and thinking ability.Learned to weigh the pros and cons of Duominasi gradually began to doubt then, openly rejected the gods rule and eventually launched the war. cheap shaiya money On a number of advantages, the war lasted seven years Duominasi win end. The goddess Yitai An create their own disputes in the matter between physical and mental haggard, looks lost. When you see the eyes of the goddess even as ugly monster, and the crazy Duominasi to the goddess play under the razor. Accompanied by whining loudly, heaven and earth fission, the goddess of the flesh was Duominasi killed, the soul is divided into two disappeared without a trace, while the endless floods and monsters raging out, and instantly swallowed up everything in the world.[New signs (Wheel of Fortune)]Almost all life perished in this catastrophe, survived the only Duominasi siblings general Dayton and Wei Sina.Faced with shortage everywhere barbarians general Dayton determined to rebuild their homes and working hard, while Wei Sina took advantage of his brother is sleeping quietly pregnant with his child. Wake up the general Dayton could not help but anger, and pregnant sister has been deported to the mainland to the other end. Barren land on the south, a heart full of sorrow and Yuannu Wei Sina gave birth to a child, now known as dark elves. Women stay in the northern mainland, the general Dayton trees metamorphosis to become the ancestors of the white wizard.Chapter III, GeminiCognitive period (Age of the Gnosis)]The next 500 years, white elves and dark elves were not understanding each other's existence, to multiply and expand their forces in mainland North and South respectively. Although out of the same family, but the intent of the parties are not the same. White Wizard inherited first Zupu Luo Dayton ideal to rebuild their homes, is committed to restoring the floods and the monster-contaminated land. Dark elves grew up in the southern barren land, in the opinion of the dark elves, cruel environment is not what they want to protect, but the object must be overcome, in the expansion of the dark elves, plunder and conquest as to become momentum.Finally one day, both sides suffered like fate in the mainland in central the Frew Wisconsin River, from the heart of hatred, let's never met the two sides immediately launched a desperate flame, Ti Oswald continent once again embroiled in the sky war, future generations of this war as "the first time the Frew Wisconsin war. shaiya money One is bound to be the age of the heroes of passion.As young hero , perfect command of the war completely backward dark wizard party. They are almost a complete victory, the sudden eclipse the earth enveloped in darkness, the endless darkness swallowed everything, so that the troops of both sides unable to move, in desperation, dark elves eventually agreed to sign the armistice agreement. The fourth chapter, stirringExciting period (Age of the Vertex)]The eclipse caused by the great earthquake and tsunami, which distorts the spatial structure of human - a new race, from another time and space sent to the shaiya. The shaiya The human reach, the white wizard's help, quickly completed the process of adaptation to the new environment gradually grow into a new continent of the strong. Growing forces, human beings come to accept the white wizard based on the recovery of the original ideas and beliefs of natural and building alliances with, namely, "the light of the alliance. The alliance secretly savings after the establishment of their own military strength, and occupy the central mainland of the dark elves launch a "Second the Frew Wisconsin war" dark elves can not compete with the alliance has a strong combat force, and constantly toward the south ground, at this time, the emergence of a dramatic event has changed the development of the war situation.Continent the southern tip of the natural conditions are deteriorating, so can not continue in the underground world of survival of the barbarian tribe on the ground, and no difference in the attack including all living things, including the two elves. The dark elves continue south push back the alliance Army, the barbarians sent troops to raid the back of the allied forces throughout the continent, will be caught in the melee.In order to avoid the Passing of human commander Justin Wen De Woke planning a battle plan against the barbarian leader, Emperor Wei Nusi success will be surrounded by, but unfortunately at the last minute, they underestimated the barbarians strongest warrior the power of some flame, Emperor Wei Nusi tight encirclement. Allies will soon catch up with the wounded Emperor Wei Nusi, the dark wizard hero arrived to rescue the leader of the Barbarian. The gratitude I, Emperor Wei Nusi rate of all barbarian warrior with dark elves, building alliances, named anger joint ", to counter the powerful light of the alliance.Barbarians join the strength of the two camps tend to balance, in a stalemate for some time, the two sides once again signed a truce agreement.Chapter 5, inspiration[Jihad (Age of Parusia)]This time, peace lasted for 500 years, until four races at the same time received the same revelation.Revelation mentions the carrying Yi Taian soul female life will be born in the mainland over the general Minsk City, get her, you can get enough to rewrite the history of the tremendous force. Want to city, we must first get 4 of 7 relics Frew Wisconsin River. buy shaiya gold In this way, war is the third outbreak of anger joint again attack the light of the alliance, the two sides to the power of the goddess of the soul and sustained combat so far ...


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