Never be able to avoid war in buy shaiya gold

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Never be able to avoid war in buy shaiya gold Empty Never be able to avoid war in buy shaiya gold

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Never be able to avoid war in the world of faith, for faith, the people can give up life, friends and even his own life, faith in their world is too all existence. "Shaiya" as a network game with a strong belief in color, the war will surely become the theme of it to survive "Shaiya" a strict division of the game battlefield, three different maps to the provisions of the three different stages players enter, players must be based on the level of the size of the corresponding map which not leapfrog enter the same can not enter the low-level battlefield . shaiya gold Battlefield: the bright side the entrance of the the Pu Luolin border (1-15): kolas city, sending members behind the portal delivered directly. Behind the portals of the dark side entrance: Geli Te City, the transmission member delivered directly. The battlefield: Kentucky Bo Lian (20-30) bright side entrance: Ake Tucci fishing village at, anycast NPC dialogue choose to send home Ake Tucci fishing village to enter. The dark side entrance: Si Tanmu town at the, anycast NPC dialogue, and send home the Si Tanmu town to enter. Or from below and thereby eliminate the city out of the city, the right to run can be reached. Battlefield 3: Lishui border (no level restrictions) the entrance of the bright side: Al-Stuttgart depot, enter the portal to the transmission member. The entrance of the dark side: the upper-right corner of the Adrian map, enter the portal to send the member. Battlefield rules: The the Sisha each other on the battlefield, the ultimate goal is to compete for sacred objects in the battlefield, whether to kill an enemy player, or sacred objects will get the blessings of the goddess. Beliefs, their ecstasy of battle, of course, the goddess also had visited her faithful believers, players get the goddess blessing during the reply of the various properties will be exponentially accelerated. Sacred objects in the battlefield, of course, if someone in the process of competition for the sacred objects to make a significant contribution, to kill a sufficient number of hostile camp, players can also rank in the camp management for the military order to prove their strength is strong. The players to rank In addition to the honors, more importantly, can also get some real basic attribute points to encourage players to become more involved combat Battlefield by Keywords: attack shaiya money The main means of attack, attack will always be guerrilla warfare coming from a single hostile camp, walk across the map above to find opponents and instantly a strong attack force. Found that the players of the enemy camp, the first thing to do is to cut off enemy escape posterior can first bypass enemy behind stealth assassin in a small team combat, latent, in order to facilitate the escape after the enemy attacks on ambush, after the Master long-distance attacks, almost any career can withstand the attack of the assassin. Keywords: group to kill Group to kill the agency terms of the Master, super attack, long-distance casting their expertise, but also the most pleasant thing in all the battlefield, a powerful group of magical release after watching the enemy into pieces after the fall of that excitement is simply beyond words to describe. If the opponent to escape, Master of Magic winding Assassin stiffness, dizziness skills came in handy at this point in the Master cast out of the group attack magic attack, attack the targets the release of such skills to prevent the enemy to escape or close control the actions of an adversary can use group attack skills to easily destroy opponents had. Keywords: retreat Any attack will have the possibility of failure, after the failure of the retreat which is all attack the player must consider, if only because the attack can kill more enemies rather than to estimate their own lives, then even kill the enemy in multi- is meaningless. If the attack fails, exposed to enemy counterattack, not recklessly, it is wise to leave the battlefield. Leave the battlefield route should try to choose a flat line, do not move in the mountains, the ups and downs of running a certain extent, to shorten the distance with the enemy, if your opponent is a long-range archers, he is likely to be will kill you when you are climbing. If possible, try to choose the waterway retreat. Magic Training: 100% + + you smoke! Backpack Upgrade: personal feeling is not enough 2. Affect revenue. + 1 ★ Basic ★ Magic Ball: primary + 1. Personal point of view, self-protection: + I like to compare the PK, I did not so I can not + + point method is not for the physical. Big deal to see the soldiers. Assassin. Bow and arrow to the teammates to deal with. .. But not enough points .! Ice sword: just started playing the priest is not familiar with, so + 1. The feeling of injustice .. now points are not enough ... Detection: felt the skills to design defects. If the probe is to follow the players around the range 20M shows the effect after the start skills that should be pretty good detection skills. Unfortunately, the Garden ... I + 2 regret .. 1 level play enough .... Disperse: must be 3. If you do not want to let your teammates roared during an upgrade as the solution state. But you can only SORRY That you do not learn. Waiting to be it! The magic of pollution: + MAX ~ the PK to rely on him. Fee blue but instantaneous with no attribute high attack can imagine the effect. Depletion of vitality: no + anti-in time limit to deplete the opponent's skills I did not + because you PK is not a fool. The other party can wash down medicine! ★ attack ★ Treatment: MAX cheap shaiya money Magic protection: PK rely on him to eat it! Must MAX Flash Heal: MAX Ice roar surgery: garbage ... do not consider Magic Absorption: have not tried that but it is close absorb monster magic ... who would want to go away from a monster so close .... used to tell me the effect of Ha ... Group therapy: Although Fei blue. Little effect, but three is good. Leapfrog Daguai to do in advance the amount of blood back to the knight. Good skills personally recommend + MAX Blizzard: Ice roar enhanced version of the surgery, but still garbage ... Natural singing: the effect is not particularly good. I disappointed skills. I + 1. Feel too ordinary. Perhaps three would be better, but considering the skill points is not enough no +. Prayer of Healing: difficulties unique skills are quite good. Back to the blood is much higher than the normal therapeutic skills must be + full buy shaiya gold Rainstorm singing: the difficulty of attack skills. Not nonsense. Must be 2. See the harm you will '.


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