thieves or assassins called stealth skills Shaiya

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 thieves or assassins called stealth skills Shaiya Empty thieves or assassins called stealth skills Shaiya

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Force STR (physical attack power plus physical attack strength = physical attack power warrior knight thievesshaiya gold archers need to increase attacks) 2 physical REC (defense and HP values, plus their own maximum HP seems to be 1:00 attribute points +5 HP I practiced warrior I added to the four forces, a body) Three intellectual INT (plus magic attack power white Fahao is 5:00 of the whole attack is 12, found that the HP is not enough, it is recommended that 4 Chi body) Mental (wisdom) the WIS (plus their own MP ceiling priest main plus this) 5 agility of DEX (to avoid dodge and SP values, this is a secondary department, the higher the help of others to restore the greater the number of HP's - this is a bit doubtful, we give it a try) Fortunately, the LUC (hit crit) Each occupational level in the character level, will enhance the properties of the related occupations at 1:00, and other properties without. Columns such as: battled in the rating upgrade will increase the {?? Strength (STR +1)} point guard (of course, the battle to take the shield, but took the shield damage can not not take the shield high) upgrade {?? Physical ( the REC +1)} 1-point increase, the thieves or assassins called stealth skills, upgraded {?? Dexterity (DEX +1)} plus 1:00 archers after the upgrade, add {?? Good Luck (LUC + 1)} 1:00 Master upgrade {?? intelligence (INT +1)} plus 1:00, after the pastor upgrade {?? spirit (wisdom) (WIS +1)} plus 1:00. Bright family shaiya money Humans: A normal soldier points are generally two body force sensitive, agile to 35 stops (Warrior hit skill), can then be three body force or force body, usually to about medium-term (35 ) when the physical defense should be at 115 or so (plus clothes bracelet defense) this fighters regardless of Danlian or team brush very good copy of the preceding tired. 1. Fighters +4 The str +1. Dex +4 the str +1 rec +3 the str +1. Dex +1 rec The first is for the nanny's players practice DEX for dodge and hit, if you do not MISS will be very high The second individual is not recommended The third suitable Danlian friend Gladiator is an attack force super job as the first popular post, pole attacks in the soldier for a leader Plus on the fighter's skills Daguai the deadly magic weapon, attack other occupations with admiration PS: fighters per liter, a born little STR attack professional career Recommended index: +5 Rec or +4 +1 of the str rec Guard from the self-face to understand is the guardian of his work is Xueniu human shields Guard not Danlian occupations, comrades like Biao welding body is worth trying Its defense is second to none, in all occupations for a team of friends to practice He is not fighting career, but was able to protect the fragile nurse and Master The insecure strong career PS: guard per liter, an inherently plus point REC defense-type human shields occupational Recommendation: 3 The priest I nurse the Queen is the All-Canadian WIS as blue back to the blood Nanny is a career the shaiya most lack is also a team a core of career Nanny not Danlian of or PK main, but he is absolutely central figure PS: Priest level plus a little WIS born soldiers Department of straw gospel Recommended index: Wizard 1. Assassin +4 The str +1 luc which or +4 luc which +1. Dex or +3, the str +2 luc which or +3, the str +2 rec or +3 luc which +1 +1 luc which rec Assassin is a very controversial career In the end how to add the point I am still studying But can add a little way to introduce more than several Where the combat system of occupational attack power is to str str every little point attacks the upper and lower limits will increase So pay attention to such Assassin is the physical attack power is huge because of the assassin's skills are not the power of all persons Cut and crit is the assassin's attack characteristics First +4 the str +1 luc which strengthen the shortcomings of the attack force dodge low blood thinner for a nanny assassin Second +4 luc which +1. Dex my Korean friends added attack power relies entirely on the weapons But high crit is the advantage of this career of late. The shortcomings of pre-attack power is low Third +3 the str +2 luc which pay attention to focus on attack power, while the relative strengthening the crit Shortcomings dodge low blood thin The fourth focus on offensive and defensive shortcomings dodge low crit Fifth type of +3 luc which +1 rec +1 luc which moderation PS: The above all dodge low and crit less are relatively assassin Assassin per liter, an increase of DEX own skills can add their own DEX and LUC A plus DEX skills plus 20dex2 level +403 to +60 the LUC Assassin groups BUFF can improve the team's crit to the team with 60 points LUC. Recommendation: Others view: Attribute points on Assassin ~ ~ ~ personal feeling can focus on strength and good luck ~ ~ Agility can be temporarily omitted ~ ~ upgrade the system plus points and auxiliary skills sufficient, I personally increase of the power of a good luck, but it feels The damage is too low ~ ~ ~ Weapons, daggers speed, the damage is relatively low - but it seems that for some strange dagger damage than claw class weapons ~ ~ claw tired attack a little bit higher - but the speed feeling low ~ ~ may be the network speed problem ~ ~ ~ Extra point of luck, agility me wrong, plus the N-class full sensitivity results to Daguai when not afford to fight blood / / / to play the more strange is not out .. Khan Strength by 1-2 points should be enough, the assassin focused crit 2. Archer +4 Str +1 dex +4 luc +1 dex +3 str +2 dex +3 str +2 luc Archer's more controversial than the assassin but add a point we can learn from the Assassin Add a little way to the freezing point of the moon in the water unions Hyun recommended 3 force a sensitive one lucky + strength in order to improve the physical attack power, + agility it is to improve the hit and evade + Fortunately, improve crit rate Archer plus points and we still have to explore PS: Attack force rape hit high dodge high level plus a little LUC Recommended index cheap shaiya money 3 Master Master's time to add a little agile hit the problem does not exist, so the upgrade only need to add two properties, upgrade automatically assigned points also with two properties, coupled with a physical defense skills, if a 46 (just for homogeneity sets of clothes) the level of the Master and the same level of fighter attacks about the same, then Master of the defense at least about 50 soldiers. 45 when the physical defense and skills (my Master 200 + / Attack 500 + / - HP3300/MP4600, of course, I am a full set plus three to four stones of special equipment. Playing stone stoning is spent much money, very hard to make money) a soldier if there is such a high defense certainly could not move strange. Unless your equipment than I am sick, I do not recognize can only put up. Master + wis in fact, less useful, there are passive skills + mp upper limit of the other equipment can + up, I did not how + wis to 28 maximum, mp 2200 +, but it is still good, mainly with + int and + rec, post frail and obviously insufficient, more than + some rec carry their own strange or good, also recommended that the rings to buy + int, bracelets buy + rec int main rec or wis supplemented The Suigetsu union the original Master experience which mentioned point method: The first: the type of all-wise. This is the comparison of BT, but also extreme line of outlaws, such as I ^ ^. Until 25, not physical, full intelligence, average damage over 40 points higher than the Master of the added physical. Defects, touched on the hanging. Leveling way is to drag the soldiers or knights strange burn group, must not carry the blame, otherwise nanny gave you add up. So I promptly adjust tactics, 25-31 all added strength to the anti-complement, a little can Kangde Zhu. The second: the intellectual body. Is still the intelligence, the pursuit of the attack, but taking into account the defense. Add a little more for the three Chi-2 body, or the intellectual one body. Still belong to the Master of the intellectual type. Not much difference with the above said, only in a single solo consumption to red and blue at the same time empty it. Third: balanced. In fact, this is listening to friends say, may also be added. Master each level after the system will automatically add a little to the intellectual, 5:00 2 Chi-3 body, reaching the average distribution of chi, which belongs to the moderate type Master, the benefits I did not look too out. Own group burning, or with a nanny. Fourth: all the type. Sounds a bit weird is not it? Korean is so creative. Then there was a soldier can carry the blame of the Master. The attack depends mainly on the system automatically assigns points and equipment to shaiya gold Single crowd burned seemingly cattle X, in fact, he burned a group of strange intellectual Master can burn two groups.


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