Damage Rings Introductiom in 2moons

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Damage Rings Introductiom in 2moons Empty Damage Rings Introductiom in 2moons

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 23, 2009 8:15 pm

It's really nice to see you in 2moons-dil, and I think we'll be good friends soon. I have some summary about 2moons to share with you, our site has collected the mainly information on the other site. hope you like.

Damage Rings(2moon dil) add the Actually Damage to your Damage. This is very useful at times when you are given a Situation where the Boss or Monster May have High Poison Resistance. For the most part we use Damage Rings when we PvP Mages, Bagis and Segnales.

Mages Bagis already have Resistance Buffs, and against a Segnale or Mage, Magic/Curse damage could care less if you have Defense Necklaces(2moons gold). All they do is give about 1-2k more Sheild, when instead you could get some good Damage Out-Put from Damage Rings instead- considering a Bagi usually–unless they are +7 or Higher Weapons–don't hit too hard.

If the Monsters for the Most Part don't hit to hard that you don't need to really use the Def Necklaces, feel free to use the Damage Rings. One Example of this is when we are in Python just helping a friend or messing around killing monsters.

To kill them Faster we use Damage Rings, and we know they has Poison Resistance so using Damage Rings makes more sense. For the most part if u come across a similar situation where you find you don't know if the Monster has Poison Resistance or not, just go with Damage Gems to be safe as long as you don't need to use Def Necklaces.

Thanks for reading. We also provide professional 2moons powerleveling service to players who want to level faster. Welcome to contact with our customer service and place an order.


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