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 shaiya money but considering the overall Empty shaiya money but considering the overall

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The same time, this formula can be seen Fortunately, the value of crit damage (nonsense), shaiya money but considering the overall but I want to say is lucky more affected by "the biggest crit damage" Fortunately, the impact damage is attached to above, fortunately, the higher the critical strike damage fluctuations in the range greater, of course, a high crit chance, while lucky Increases critical rate, so the good fortune is indeed a good choice. However, we know, Crit hundred percent of said, is to say, lucky to reach a certain value, the crit rate upgrade is not obvious, the crit damage increase is not obvious, for example, lucky 450 Why is this? Economy are aware, there is a term called the "marginal effect" Simply explained: If you are hungry, give you a bread, you feel very good to meet also the largest; give you one, you also want to eat; to give a time, you can eat, but has two-effective large ... when 6.7 bread? You may have to eat. This is the diminishing marginal effect. Fortunately, the same is true, when the fortunate reach a certain value, to enhance its attack and the burst rate of no longer so big. Fortunately, the greater the higher crit rate, pre-lucky crit rate reaches a certain value after becoming flat, eventually close to 100%, but it is impossible to achieve; of course, the harm has been to enhance the , but also early and slow late. Here we can see that, within the limited resources, the make utility maximization, should not blind pursuit of good fortune, because you are lucky the higher, indeed burst high-explosive strike may be the greater,output, I consider lucky to reach a certain value can no longer continue to add up, according to the discussion of my personal feelings and friends, I think Fortunately, the value at about 400 ~ 450 is ideal, the other used to afterburner and sensitivity because the basic attack after the explosion hit × 1 5, so the afterburner also can increase the critical strike damage. As for the distribution of power and sensitivity to the preferences of each you like to grab the BOSS, the more points force, if it is the PK, more sensitive, but sensitive to how low and not less than 100, or you are depressed. cheap shaiya money This is only my feeling, because I am a student, not so much money to wash point, can not test. See here, some friends begin to doubt the strength and critical strike damage is not related to when it comes to post-basic explosion, to be the power of doing. I can give you an experiment, you get 25 and the task of the bow and 49 of the bow, if two persons are lucky are 20, you see who the high crit damage? Do not ask, must be 49, why? Because it's base damage is high, from my formula: damage = crit (basic attack - defense) × 5 + N can be seen, the crit damage is affected by the base damage, that is, the lowest total injury forces affect crit base damage or base damage enhance the minimum value of crit, so I think fortunate to 400 ~ 450 should be considered a strength. Now, I gave my article to be summed up: 1. Fortunately, the bow is the necessary force bow late future, lucky after additional crit does not consider the defense, the latter part of the BOSS are high defense. The fortunate certain to go to a relatively high value, so as to ensure that your crit rate, your injury in order to × 1.5, you lucky damage can be attached so that your injuries in order to increase. 3 lucky to reach a certain value should be considered force, in order to play your attribute points to maximize the benefits. The same time, I'll give points to the friends of the poor point, if you practice the bow (plain is best not to practice, although common is the bow ~ ~), but also do not want to wash point, so early can consider some of the forces,buy shaiya gold 15 and force of 50 to 60, Min 30 or so other lucky stone main force, so that you pre-upgrade will not be depressed, and 15 and into the war a strong, out of the war (if you feel at ease brush, the best brush to more than 5000, Award of 25 attribute points) and then reward properties plus Fortunately, after a liter a 1 Min 6 Fortunately, with the proportion of points you took the 25 tasks bow, the damage will not be lower than pre All-Canadian Fortunately bow I hope my friends can come to discuss and initiate a brother in this! Well, almost, in the next the District Ke Laolun server difficult bow thousands of miles away, is brush war 1, thanks to those who accompanied my frieUnder my leveling the hardships it! 16 HW package thugs when the rabbit has always been rented concurrently with the JS (later blame will have a status HW could not carry) RMB spent about 800 yuan or so grades do not increase sun is a accustomed to always want to tell others the same open guagua but no place to buy! ~ Now 42 in the chaos when am used to the week 1 to week 4 leveling The main reason is that Sunday many people have no place often sudden, the contradictions! Uncomfortable - not the team the day I have a habit is to look at training CK, I will the YLS buy weaponry like to give them (I did not know) just to be able to feel kind of lonely help me it hope someone tell me and the same psychological ~ Assassin's leveling is long and boring! Recently read a lot of discussion of crit and attack the post, First, I want to talk about that is: "simple," said crit is ordinary attack rate theory, I can be responsible, in my honor - - you are wrong. Here I give my opinion, the crit formula, of course, followed by my theory departure from this formula, you do not agree with my formula, you can point out my mistakes, but also hope you can give your opinion: explosion strike after the injury = (basic attack - defense) × 1. 5 + N-(N-is your lucky the value of the random number, shaiya goldthe rabbit I that is, for example, your luck is 350, then N is an ~ 350) this formula I think that is able to relatively good explain the crit we have seen, such as playing QS only a few dozen blood, but burst to burst hundreds of classes, those magnification on can not explain this phenomenon. nds!


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