gradually throughout the continental United Oswald Shaiya

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gradually throughout the continental United Oswald Shaiya Empty gradually throughout the continental United Oswald Shaiya

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and they are to manage and promote the orderly development of the world. To consolidate his supremacy in the world, the absolute authority of the shaiya, shaiya Yi Taian created the world belongs only to the gods - cheap shaiya money, This time, the peace lasted for 500 years, until the four races at the same time received the same revelation. Mentioned in Revelation, carrying the body of women's lives Yi Taian soul will be born in the mainland city of Minsk prominent feature is his game in the network's unique "death model." "Shaiya" was first introduced in the MMORPG in the history of the concept of a stand-alone version of the difficulty, that is, the game includes the "experience", "Normal", "difficult" and "death" a total of four difficulty modes. The mode difference is: the higher the difficulty of choice, the game needed to upgrade the experience more, which means that a choice "difficult" mode, players start the game, than select "Normal" mode, players spend more time for people to upgrade, as compensation, the higher the degree of difficulty, the characters received upgraded to enhance the capacity of the greater. As a result, the same level, the "hard" mode of the game players and the "normal" mode is self-evident merits of the strength of players.which was given a powerful magic and wisdom of the gods, goddess of the faithful as the orderly management of subordinate things in the world. In *, the goddess created beings Duominasi, with different gods before * is Duominasi not have their own thinking and consciousness, completely subservient to * of rule, and faithfully execute each command, and the entire world is in accordance with this order, harmony running for a long time. [Middle Ages (Age of Spiritus)] Middle Ages is * and Duominasi era of living together. Professor in * under Duominasi have gradually come to understand: Yi Taian is shaiya absolute power with supreme god, and life * is responsible for the management of their subordinates as the world. Although the vast majority of Duominasi not witnessed by the goddess of Tai'an, but they admired the gods *said convinced. Had learned from * farming techniques, the Duominasi are increasingly open to reproduce. Effective management of the gods, the Duominasi growing population forces . Chapter II, reincarnation [Period of chaos and destruction (Age of Patema)] "Anger, hatred, love, sorrow, greed, corruption, jealousy," long-term peaceful scene was Yitai An brought back from the spirit world to break these seven emotions, they eroded the Duominasi original pure spiritual world, so that meters NASDAQ began a self-conscious and thinking skills. Learned to weigh the pros and cons of Duominasi are beginning to suspect that ????? then, openly refused to rule the gods, and ultimately to war. As the number of advantages, the war lasted seven years to Duominasi win in the end. Because their creation goddess Yi Taian, disputes between the physical and mental haggard, looks lost. When you see the eyes of the goddess even as ugly monster in general, the goddess crazy Duominasi to play down (shaiya gold )the razor. With cry whine, heaven and earth fission, the goddess of the flesh is Duominasi killed, the soul is divided into two disappeared without a trace, while the endless raging floods and monsters out, and instantly swallowed all the world. [New signs (Wheel of Fortune)] Almost all life in the demise of this catastrophe, the surviving brother and sister only Duominasi general Dayton and Wei Sina. Yi face shortage everywhere, determined to rebuild their homes and the general Dayton diligent work, and Wei Sina is taking advantage of his brother asleep, quietly pregnant with his child. Dayton could not help but wake up the general anger would have been deported to the mainland's sister pregnant the other side. South barren land, filled with grief and Yuannu of Wei Sina gave birth to a child, now dark wizard. And stay on the mainland north of Dayton is the general of the metamorphosis of women with the combination of trees, a white wizard ancestors. Chapter III, twin [Cognitive period (Age of Gnosis)] After 500 years, white elves and dark elves were not understanding each other's presence on the mainland north and south, respectively, multiply and expand their forces. Although out of the same family, but the two sides are not the same purpose. White Wizard first Zupu Luo Dayton inherited the ideal reconstruction, floods and monsters are committed to restoring contaminated land. The dark elves grew barren land in the south, in the dark wizard appears, they are not cruel to protect the environment, but must defeat the object, therefore, the expansion process of the dark wizard, plunder and conquest into a major power. Finally one day, both on the mainland Wisconsin River in central Frew suffered a like fate, hatred from the heart, let's never met the sides immediately launched a desperate flame, once again involved in the continental United Oswald the sky war, this war will be later referred to as "the first time Frew Weiss war." A doomed passion's heroes. As the young hero * perfect command of the war completely turned to the dark wizard party. Almost fully in their victory, the sudden eclipse of the sun the earth shrouded in darkness, the endless darkness swallowed everything, so that both sides of the unit unable to move, desperation, dark elves finally agreed to sign a truce. Chapter IV, stirring [Excited period (Age of Vertex)] Solar eclipse caused by the huge earthquake and tsunami, which distorts the spatial structure, human beings - the new race, was transferred to the space-time from other shaiya. Reach shaiya human, in the white wizard's help, quickly completed the process of adaptation to the new environment, and gradually grow into strong new continent. Growing influence in the same time, gradually accepted the white man on the wizard to restore the natural original ideas and beliefs, and with allies to form, the "Alliance of Light." After the establishment of secret alliance in the savings of their own military strength, and for the middle of the dark elves occupy the mainland to launch a "second Frew Weiss war", the dark wizard can not fight force with a strong alliance to compete, continue toward the south defeated, at this moment,To avoid got hit Justin temperature De Woke human commander planning a barbarian leader Emperor Wei Nusi for the operational plan, and succeeded in the siege, but unfortunately at the last minute that they underestimated the most savage soldiers power, some flame, the Emperor Wei Nusi Breakthrough. About to catch up on the allies of Emperor Wei Nusi seriously wounded, the dark wizard hero *arrived, successfully rescued the Barbarian leaders. Grateful I, Emperor Wei Nusi rate of all the savage warriors and form a dark wizard ally, called "angry union" to fight the powerful "Light of the alliance." As the barbarians to join, tends to balance the strength of the two camps, in a stalemate for some time, the two sides signed a truce again. Chapter V, inspiration [Jihad (Age of Parusia)]over the general, to get her, you can get enough to rewrite the history of great strength. And you want to * City, we must first get the Frew River 7 Wisconsin in the four relics. In this way, the third outbreak of the war, angry light of the joint alliance attack again, the two sides in order to get the power of the goddess of the soul and sustained combat so far . [Features] Both entertainment and sports the innovative design concept Thousand grand( shaiya money) a dramatic event has changed the war's development. Southern tip of mainland China, the increasingly harsh natural conditions, making it impossible to continue living in the underground world of savage tribe in the ground, and no difference in the two attacks, including all life, including the wizard. Alliance Army in the south continue to push back the dark elves, the barbarian allies to send troops raided the rear, along with the entire continent into a melee. scale battlefield: The game offers a large-scale hostile forces dedicated to PvP battle area, the overall balance of the combat system and optimization, make sure you "Shaiya" every minute is the best PK experience. Battle battle game supports up to thousands of people, ever majestic war epic, "Shaiya" with you to witness! Exquisite visual feast: Whether elegant flowing white wizard, or a violent wild savage warriors, the powerful graphics engine rendering, all kinds of beautiful handsome game characters vivid, almost certain. Travel "Shaiya" world, rather distant from the lakes and mountains to the lonely forest fortress towering rock formations, like enjoy the beautiful landscape drawing depicting the volume, nothing less than a visual zest. Stones embedded systems: Whether weapons or armor, with different properties of rare gems, can be transformed into different shape, the power of a strong personality items, bid farewell to thousands of people from one side of the clone era weapons, their wisdom to build only the strongest part of your equipment. Difficult challenge of the underground city system: The game contains more than 20 different styles of the underground city area, including various types of high-grade enemy entrenched elites, defeated them, winning is only part of the hero of the rich rewards. Complex branching task system: Accordance with the degree of differences in task completion, lead to different follow-up tasks. Groundbreaking "composite branch task system" to give players more drama experience, to avoid lengthy repetition of play behavior. 12 large professional styles: Tough soldiers ride a battle unparalleled, rapid assassin embodiment strange spike opponents. XII, full of personality, career, twelve kinds of different games fun. Rigorous and detailed occupational balance system, no matter which type you belong to, can the "weeping god" find their own favorite. High-grade score: Soundtrack, by the well-known music producer Giorgio was wisdom (George Oldziey) (representative: "Genesis" series, the movie "Wing Commander", "Kill Bill 2"), hand surgeon, a collection of 80 orchestras, 40 choir, in the Warner Brothers studio recording professional to complete, shocking sound perfect present. More difficult system and mortality patterns: "Shaiya" in MMORPG history of the system was first introduced more difficult (Multiple Up bring user Option System). The game includes a "simple", "Normal", "difficult" and "death" a total of four difficulty modes. The higher the degree of difficulty, players experience needed to upgrade the more, in return, after upgrading the ability to obtain higher value growth."Shaiya" continues the aesthetic refinement of Korean online games visual style, rich in(buy shaiya gold) character modeling, rendering different light and shadow, will such Bupao, Leather Clothing, armor, etc., or the performance of light or very heavy texture in place. Scene, the clouds from the sky constantly changing to swaying branches, the smoke curl up from small villages to large towns majestic and impressive fountain, a large number of dynamic images, will be interspersed throughout the game world to life. "Shaiya" most .


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