"Shaiya" new piece of information "remains of the maze"

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"Shaiya" new piece of information "remains of the maze" Empty "Shaiya" new piece of information "remains of the maze"

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Not only have a classic game's top visual effects,(shaiya gold) rich new content is also essential. CDC Games (CDC Games)'s the 3D game "Shaiya" new piece of information "remains of the maze" will be fully open on November 12. The new world is not only a magnificent fighting skills, the underground world of shock and profound compact plot, the task will also guide the players getting better, comprehensive understanding of the new world with an unprecedented experience. Here we follow the ups and downs with the story missions, to feel the "remains of the maze," the wonderful everywhere in the world now! In light of the recent alliance meeting room the main city often talked about the war on and Capt family related content. While talking to the front occasionally provide good advice, but this time in written correspondence sent to expand if it continues to direct combat,(shaiya money) the battle of time than we expected but also long. Therefore, the most effective way is fundamental to prevent the increase in fighting the enemy, that is first to stop them breeding. The only way to prevent the enemy from the root to add staff, we can aim to end the war as quickly as possible. Magician alliance have begun to stop reproduction of the method, but research needs Capt family of eggs, so eggs collected Capt family every Alliance faction is now incumbent upon the Warriors. The bloody executioner Zhaer Ke and monitoring officer is Capt Queen Kaiyidilin family around the key personnel. They are bloody and violent, so many soldiers to the United Way of death. Want to get the final victory, first of all take them to eliminate it. An unnamed strategist said that as long bloody executioner Zhaer Ke and monitoring officer is still alive, the joint will never see the dawn of victory. A two camps on the war,(cheap shaiya money) so the Queen Banos memory gradually faded in the crowd. But the rebirth of Queen Banos painstakingly did not quiet down, and lead the race kept secret to exaggerate their power. Growing and strengthening the team can even Hill Booth Family of complete liberation from the shackles of Capt out. If Hill Booth Family really powerful military regions and Capt Greg Grace Family anger started this battle, no matter which side the victory, the military balance across the region will be broken, whether or anger the United Alliance of Light are will be affected. So, first eliminated loyal soldiers in the Queen Banos is the common task of the two camps. Outsider Put spoilers Kerry for his ambition to pay a heavy price after vanity, great Mary also seriously injured. After a very long time, strength Ni Lin Qi Ma collected only after the body back to freedom. But with the power of the Ni Lin lost heart, we can only live in seclusion in Dwarven mines waiting to help him get back the full force of the hero. "Shaiya" The new version of the world "remains Labyrinth" is about to update. Shocking story, perfect for the players to show a real fantasy world. Rich tasks, give players a different alternative wonderful experience every day.(buy shaiya gold) Fantasy world, invite you to witness the exciting gameplay, and now Join now!


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