we talk about how to buy shaiya

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 we talk about how to buy shaiya Empty we talk about how to buy shaiya

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Shaiya Gold |
200 points = 1600W? Wrong in general with high numbers are a substitute, but a substitute that can reach 24 hours of time, experience and a lot of money, therefore, generally more than double the price ratio of 1:8, the sun 400W, a substitute, you can sell 2000W.

3, all the chat

100 = 800W? Wrong, the general made all the chat, the thing is really willing to point the player red, Yao Majiu is the months of every day, every day, brush package BB and stone, rent leveling players, these people have "money", so to sell your point does not matter, is generally 100 points = 1000W to 1100W between the shortcomings of selling slowly.

4, Resurrection

1100 = 8800W? Wrong, remember that the rich do not play in this game of death, to death on the battlefield, less 60, in addition to more activity time people, but because we are quite polite. . . . Chat with black and white are basically station, so the resurrection of consumption is very small, typically 1100 points = 7000W to 8000W, luminous flux can also cause certain impact on the price adjustment.

5, combination hammer

Secret: Horse riding and running 100% absolutely grab the first gold Cheats Shu-door series of top-secret techniques - the first horse run absolutely, 100%, so grab a Shaiya Gold First of all we talk about buy shaiya methods: Speaking to open gold, many people are depressed. It was always open to see the world, and so on their own time to brush, brush one, two, or even two weeks have gone Gold. Very depressed. Here I am, as a 63 karat gold on to the next big XQ Raiders. Hope that we can top it. As a big XQ, it is too popular, a M on the line to be violent, 45,55,61 a copy, everyone needs you. Thus, a long time, I summarize a set of open Shaiya Gold secrets. First, we talk about how to buy shaiya. HS FB and let the brush when the QC first hit, do not rush to kill. To ensure the safety of life first. 1 killed when the BOSS must go all out, because the shorter the time, the higher rate of violence. 2, BOSS death, must let the fairy pet to open, and my record is 45 copies, even the open 3, and a purple. Shaiya Money 3
All this is quietly through change.

Thanks to the popularity of broadband network, Blog, reckless advocate of freedom of a network of space, as is now the new generation a new way to express individuality, while the hot blog ranking hits, naturally has become a popular or focus bulletin board topics. Take Sina blog home more authoritative view, the former star of hundred and controversy always found to be occupied by people, such as Xu Jinglei Or some super-woman blog has always been one of the regulars.

, the last arrow shot must let XQ, BOSS grievances so very, very easily lead to gold. 4, BOSS should be immediately opened after death, many people want to wait a while to open, the idea is absolutely wrong. 5, the timing is right, you can drop weapons and other people fail, or +7, when to open, so that the probability of a Shaiya money can improve a lot. Then how to improve the investment point. 1, as the last one to vote. 2, some small pieces of garbage do not get something, the opportunity to stay in the final (this is very important.) 3, a move most beef is hung in the BOSS to be rushed to the time, so BOSS you hang up, then do it. After this storm out Shaiya Gold, no need to fight is yours. 4, it is not rush and do not be discouraged, there will be better next time. 5, the most important point: the group of good points of the team as a senior player, will not be mixed together and the field teams. The best team to have their own fixed. Now we talk about how to participate running race horse buy shaiya gold | n "God and sobbing" before the game has never been able to become the leader in the implementation of the country's Sina blog blog in place before the hundred, which is probably connected with people's prejudices against the game are not unrelated. The "Shaiya" is able to stand out in many games, is entirely due to her existing network of subversive innovative game modes: the "weeping god", has a unique mode of death, the player once you choose this mode, the role of death in the game will not be resurrected. With this fully simulate the real-world settings, "Shaiya" beyond the scope of the ordinary online game, can trigger the resonance of many players is not surprising.
We are not very depressed, the game just over 10 minutes, the first came out, does anyone really can run so fast? This is impossible, so how fast did not fly. Right? ! Or we have found, people often go out for the horses, but do not know how to operate their own, anxious! ! ! Here to show you a small note to go out for the next horse race approach: 1, the Mount pulled a the shortcut keys. 2, Press 1, wait for the progress bar went half (including bears, tigers, horses, wolves of time slightly different, we pay attention to adjustment), immediately point to confirm the competition. 3, into the game, you will find that you have riding a horse. 4, of course, if your mount is the wolf was the best, the speed quickly, the first is definitely yours. It took 20 Shaiya Gold to White. Neat huh cheap Shaiya Money


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