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Conclusion: If only for leveling, equipment can be used for good or bad can be, for God weep every time you replace the equipment in some defensive and offensive not improve, shaiya gold there is no equipment for the players, still can feel at ease leveling. Of course, there are good efficiency and PK equipment in leveling the advantages that are quite obvious. 3. Paladins are defensive skills, professional, responsible for the leveling of the strange anti-strange pull, playing BOSS is BOSS is on the front lines carry the main. So if I recommend, and difficulties in the normal mode, completely without attacking skills, the points are invested in supporting skills and defensive skills, if you want to PK, you can add some offensive skills, the right, but it's Attack skills are also less skill-based state. So as long as their defense well, and leveling the battlefield and war BOSS, you can play the role of an enemy hundred (exaggerated point of Kazakhstan, hehe). Conclusion: If you want to train well have been super Paladin, attacking skills of all abandoned, all the points focused on defensive skills and support skills. I believe players will not be disappointed with another Paladin. The name of the specific skills to explore in the game, so only a trace. . 4. Add a little if you choose the Paladin, then you have already made preparations for sacrifice to protect other people's spirit is not that anyone can comprehend, so the point in Canada, personal recommendation is to pursue the addition of all, and seen others that in order to facilitate early, add some power to use their own Kanguai, but the role of Paladin is reflected in the team, if Danlian, where the role of reflecting it to protect others. So, all is the key, the request should be a top defense Paladin to do. Summary: personal point of view, like Paladin in this occupation, if the doctrine of the plus point of law will destroy the existence of occupation, so the increase to a point of extreme into the mainstream, and it showed that adding points in the game but it is practical.shaiya money 5. The trend of the game Shaiya following personal view: adult game Shaiya into China, in fact, we already know, can not see the picture in the HF in the dew point, this point can make God weep as ordinary 3DMMORPG. Besides the death of model hype, it looks very new and different models have attribute points in the addition and the ultimate emergence of skills, but think carefully, this model is in fact a disguised form of kimchi leveling. Reached the peak of mortality patterns, the amount of time and effort will be painful. Set the battlefield fighting for everyone to create a really good place, killing feats can also get points for property, this is undeniable, in China's environment, this setting is good, the only drawback is that there can be understand the other forces of language skills. This does not let each other be able to see each other What curse myself. Is this skill is a precursor to arouse greater PK? HOHO Summary: kimchi, based on the Shaiya game was good, compared at least the next game now, middle-, and perhaps permanently free ** on the game well, but the attraction for the players and the future The development is not a good thing. I still use my point of view, the last sentence, if a game permanently for free, then prove that there are many deficiencies in this game, so if the charge carriers will be easier than the permanent loss of the player for free. If the game quality can be guaranteed, even if your point card, some lasting a few people who play it. General pointing landscape of lofty sentiments and aspirations, is that each blood Warrior and the pursuit of a lifelong dream. CDC Games (CDC Games)'s the 3D game "Shaiya" world exploits the system records the bravery of the battlefield every warrior is honor the best achievements of the general proof of the dream. In addition, the military exploits but also rich practical for a variety of incentives, many players to illustrious military exploits and bloody battle. Here we share with the system under the top-secret exploits Raiders Break it! "Shaiya" is the player exploits on the battlefield to kill enemy players, you can get the corresponding exploits points (ie, the number of players to kill.) When the exploits reaches a certain point value, the player can not only get the title of the corresponding rank, but also exploits the

administrator for character attributes from the point of reward, so that the strength of further enhancing the role! Strategy One: team battle exploits you want to get more points, the team on the battlefield is undoubtedly the best option. Compared with the general alone lone hero, the team was more safety, efficiency. Especially in team mode, players fight their results, but the team members to share it! Strategy Two: tacit understanding with the team fighting the battlefield, the most important thing is understanding and cooperation. Whether friends or relatives League team, as long as obeying the command, work together, and then also strong opponents to fear! Military exploits naturally easy access! Strategy Three: Occupational composition in order to more safe, fast and kill opponents, access to military exploits, the right career choice is very critical. Remote and powerful law career decapitation attacks, melee and explosive tenacious ability to survive, pastor / worship skills back to the blood and the Assassin / Rogue's control, and only with appropriate and professional understanding, collective action and support teams , is the only law of survival and victory. Strategy Four: Goddess bless the fighting wise and brave the battlefield is the value of the fundamental fast to win. First to occupy the battle on the battlefield, sacred tower, or kill the enemy camp, players can increase the side of the "Goddess bless value" to enhance the players all the properties. Once the "Goddess bless value" Horton, the side the player will enter a near-invincible "Superman time!" Reuters-speed way the game world, players feel the wonderful level is based only witnessed the mysterious master of the world can appreciate. CDC Games (CDC Games)'s the 3D game "Shaiya" world play diverse and master after another. Brush strange, do the task is to gain experience and a good way to upgrade. Want to come to the fore the many masters, we should be more efficient than the opponent. Here we share the fantasy world of a master crash under the Raiders it. To use the map to find the task by task to upgrade, the first step is to accurately and quickly find the task. Actually very simple, just watch the map, view maps of the tasks identified, it is easy to understand what location on the map have to wait to complete the task in determining the location, can make reasonable distance to the methods and routes. Select the task to improve efficiency, "Shaiya" fantasy world task variety and rich in content. If all the tasks completed, the player may occupy all the energy. Therefore, selective according to personal strength and professional tasks, priority to the completion value of more experience, rewards can be significantly more abundant enhance efficiency, gain experience and rewards are also considerable. Recently read a lot of discussion of crit and attack the post, first of all, I want to talk about is this: those "simple", said the attack crit rate of the ordinary, I can be responsible for that, in my honor - You are wrong. Now I give my opinion, critical strike formula, of course, is my theory behind this formula from the start, and you do not agree with my formula, can point out my error, but also hope you can give your opinion: Explosion hit after the damage = (base attack - defense) × 1. 5 + N (N is your lucky values ??of random numbers, that example, if your lucky to be 350, then N is 1 to 350) this formula I think it can be better explanation we have seen the phenomenon of critical strike, such as playing only a few

dozen QS blood, but hundreds of explosive can burst and the like, that rate theory can not explain this phenomenon. Also, from this formula, we can see that, fortunately, the critical damage value of (nonsense), but I want to say is, fortunately more of the "largest critical damage" because the luck of the injury is in addition to above, the lucky higher crit damage the greater the range of fluctuation, of course, a high chance of critical hit big, but fortunately Increases critical rate, there is good fortune indeed a good choice. However, we know, there is no hundred percent of that explosion hit, it said, lucky to reach a certain value, no significant increase crit rate, crit damage increase is not clear, for example, after the lucky 450, which is why? Learned people know that the economy, there is a term called "marginal effect" explanation is a simple point: If, when you are hungry, give you a bread, you feel very good, meet the largest; give you one, you also want to eat; give one, you can eat, but not before the two that have big benefits for you ... ... when 6.7 bread time? You may have eat out. This is the diminishing marginal effect. Fortunately, the same is true, when the lucky reaches a certain value, its rate of attacks and explosive increase in the not so big. Although fortunately the greater the higher crit rate, crit rate pre-lucky on the great influence, but to moderate gradually after a certain value, and ultimately close to 100%, but can not be achieved; of course, has been promoted injury is , but also the pre-big, late slow. cheap shaiya money Here we can see that within the limited resources, to make utility maximization, it should not blindly pursue high-lucky, because the higher you are lucky, indeed broke the greater the possibility of high-explosive attack, but taking into account the overall output, Fortunately, I think a certain value on it, no need to continue to add up, according to my personal feeling and friends of the discussion, I think luck is about the value of 400 to 450 is ideal, the other points to be used to afterburner and sensitive because after the explosion hit the basic attack is × 1. 5, so the afterburner can also increase the critical strike damage. As for the distribution of power and sensitivity to the preferences of each see you, if it is like to grab BOSS, to add more power, if it is PK, to more sensitive, but no matter how low sensitivity and do not less than 100, or you are depressed. This is only my feeling, because I am a student, not so much money to wash the point, can not test. See here, some friends will begin to wonder, that strength and crit damage is not related to and say basically the late burst to power to do. I can give you a test, you get 25 and 49, the task of the bow and the bow is 20 if the two are lucky, you see who's high crit damage? Do not ask, definitely 49's, why? Because of its high base damage, from my formula: post crit damage = (base attack - defense) × 1. 5 + N can be seen, of the total crit damage is affected by the base damage, that is, harm or affect the basis of power after the explosion hit the lowest total damage, because the base damage to critical strikes increase the minimum value, so I think the lucky 450 to 400 should be considered a strength. Now, I give my article to be a summary: 1. Fortunately, it is necessary for the bow, the bow post was no future in force, because after a lucky crit without considering the additional defense, the late anti-BOSS are high. 2. Lucky always have to have a relatively high value, so as to ensure that your crit rate, your base damage to × 1.5, your lucky to additional damage, so you can increase the total damage. 3. Lucky to reach a certain value, the power should be considered, in order to play your attribute points to maximize efficiency. At the same time, I point to the poor friends suggestions, if you practice the bow (general it is best not to practice, although common is the bow I ~ ~), but also do not want to wash points, then early can consider some of the forces 15 and the time strength of 50 to 60 points, 30 min or so other lucky stone main strength, so you will not be depressed prior to upgrade, and 15 and into the war a relatively strong, out of the war 1 (if you feel at ease brush, the best brush to 5000,buy shaiya gold awards 25 points, attribute points,) and then attribute points to the All-Canadian award lucky min later by 1 per level in proportion 6 Luckily, you got 25 points, and so the task after the bow, no less than pre-injury Fortunately, the bow across Canada.


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