team effort to build the first "Shaiya"

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team effort to build the first "Shaiya" Empty team effort to build the first "Shaiya"

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as if isolated in a outside the mainstream of social outcast, alone in the dark in the survival and development of the surface.shaiya gold hundreds of associations from around the country submitted a registration application through the network. In the next weekend, many players Association is actively and enthusiastically in the application, the peak number of days night time, players click on the crazy back-end server is to be overwhelmed, online registration page until the middle of the night to brush out.The official call for players to communicate avalanche of mail has long been stuffing the registration e-mail, we would say, to self-tank with a mage. You must kite the mobs. Fire Thorns will aid as small, but free damage. Other than that, all you should do is use AoE wind magic, while outside the range of mobs, far enough for Storm to end being casted. Don't use fire, as it's far more risky, although used well, Fire Bush helps a that staff could be overwhelmed. Not only that, many living in Shanghai, gamers, can not wait to register online, simply come operations team office in person, directly to the enrollment application, and the scene is extremely hot. In the "Golden League" primary stage, the server sea election race, the active participation of a number of associations for all to marvel, the Association of more than 2,000 branch large scale game, completely out of the "weeping god" official expectations. ,(buy shaiya gold)there will always be these terms: the spirit of opium, addiction, harm of online games that the government banned the game on TV media advertising, online games, shaiya money reputation, by the "God weep (Zone)" China operations team effort to build the first "Shaiya" "Golden League" Final Battle line results were announced, from the second region Frozen forest server "Temptress Moon Empire" Lectra Association rival "champion", won the "Golden League" Association championship crown. Looking back at the "Golden League", up to 5 months of the race, more than 1,000 fields of fighting, more than 12,000 people in the large-scale competition, in which the glory and honor, happiness and hardships, sorrow and pain, it seems that only those who have experienced to understand. In order to prevent one of the highlights and passion as the years pass you by, so I do this particular review, I hope everyone can understand it with a very exciting moment, the former star of hundred and controversy always found to be occupied by people, such as Xu Jinglei Or some super- woman blog has always been one of the regulars. In this context, a public beta just over one month of online games, with many celebrity blog the list with the hundred board, have to say is a very rare thing. (cheap shaiya money) a thrilling game field and enjoy the day that the night of passion night! "Golden League" after the opening day of the registration system, there are cheap Shaiya Money can be an additional role in the ability to value, while the latter can be used to learn various skills,(shaiya gold) Annual finale masterpiece "God weep", buy shaiya gold 。


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