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Recently the door to say God weeping friends good (that is, the screen XX points) Oujiu to turn the Raiders Shaiya Shaiya Open Beta it has been for some time, free to share with you here, too boring under the gaming experience. Practiced players Pastor are very depressed now, the priest is just a secondary occupation. If the words of PK. far worse. with other professional PK is dead. PK with the Master's words. only the Master said. You have the ability to kill me. and their no attack. If you have the words for the frustration. to please the hard work it fast. This will be a battle shaping priest. so that people new light `` `I am just an ordinary play the knight. wait for the difficulties had a good talk with friends to play with knives team. but suffer no priest. ... No ordinary earn money by their own to eat the old Dier had eaten .. .. a priest from the training services to several friends. But I also like to PK. So, if you study the kinds of + point method. want to see the effect. but did not expect the effect of a try. shaiya goldstill hiding bad. want to know, to continue to read on. Hey .... I + 4 Intelligence 3-point method is the spirit. I am sure you wonder if it is war, animal husbandry. Why do not all intellectual. or body + wisdom. Perhaps I am not yet ripe for consideration. But personally think that this 2 +-point method is not too mature. If the words of the whole intelligence function is not Master of more attacks . Master did not attack the high output. it is better to Lianfa Shi. My friend has a + is the pure intelligence of the priest. their Danlian not slow. but I think he did not take into account the difficulties in the late model do not increase their own Danlian The. And no group of offensive skill priest. In short will slow death. and 3 pollution is a good magic attack skills. but that thing, but burn. a few out of the blue to the poor ... no ... I have the wisdom for the body + Pastor I want to ask. and more that some defense. might get you to resist what the anti-2, the assassin, but you can not possibly be in the high bow and arrow attack soldiers Assassin high. death is a matter of time. This + out of the half-half drain leakage effect. personal feeling is not very good .. 2 was expected to choose this. I prefer to be with the priest in the mage to do PK invincible. I advocate the spirit of the 4 Intelligence 3. can be considered the time had it. when measured 38 of 37 difficulties with friends all over PK Chi Master. Results Well ... hey ... he fell and his left .. 2 / 5 of blood. because they Mofang high. but against no less than the Master. attack Output Master was less than the 100-200. Daguai even do their own separate task. is good. + 4 intelligence we can look at the pure normal mode Master of intelligence to know the combat effectiveness of the war, animal husbandry. and equipment go up. there have been the no less. And Mofang thing. not bad. You can also rely on equipment. put up. I am now 39 hard fighting, animal husbandry. calculated that PK also had a lot of times with people. because the upgrade is no place. I am also more Love PK. I often find FS.MS point on the PK ... hehe ... though would not say invincible. but I now have the results with the mage priest is victory 0 defeat. If the minister PK normal mode. mage. to kill than their High-level 2. and the same level of difficulty. mage priest is not wrong according to P `` `haha .. Well .. we have the capital Mofang high. Mogong said that under the high priest in the PK ... the actual operation. focus on friends. If PK see friends shaking hands right! choice of a good magic in the PK is very important. do not tell people Yingkang. choice of a good magic item-restraint is the key to a lot of skills ~ ~ Reverend Master is a natural restraint. And Master will be very depressed very useful! general the short remote PK. would be protected by magic so the point is not enough + charmed + to the first two. But do not underestimate the skills of Level 2 minutes to absorb Oh .1 3 magic to hurt. Do not play this mage or priest enough time 3 times you use a magic sleep! to see the skills of effective sleep. shaiya moneyI + is also 2. that 2-level enough to sleep 30 seconds a little .3 how to play will be a waste of man to beat fishy enough so 2! 2 to the other sleeping 15 seconds 80% success rate. Maybe I was lucky, when each time point were 100% successful model .. if it is difficult if you can find the hands in order to put skill. but need the magic sing time. I remember well in advance the amount of calculation. In PK officially began when the Magic opened immediately protected. and then immediately use the sleep. so that the enemy you sleep on the mercy of the considered . and then I sing with a good storm with skills. Although the singing time with the cooling time is long enough. but the effect is worth + points. itself, the damage effect is to play 1100. I 3 4 intellectual spirit. playing strange characters in the yellow who can imagine the effect is 1400 + the power of 2! and then put some magic in the pollution. opponents only after a death. If you want to play with words. to open a magic counter will be happy he fell to the ground. depressed and then he will fight you this, animal husbandry, new light .. haha ??... and this + point method will not delay your treatment to a teammate. Now I knight + blood enough. and difficult skills + blood .. not out 2 . but forgot to say important things. I approach this + point defects in a kind of important is the day for fear of physical attacks on occupation. .. If you really soon to meet a mate. or prepared to do a good turn around and run .. Well there must be broken with a long ... haha ??.. cheap shaiya moneyI am also willing to look silly when the skill tree. try to figure out the method under their own right + skills. I counted 50 priests is difficult. according to level 50 +. Here with you share under their own feelings to + skills. strengthen the Magic Training: 100% + do not + you draw me! backpack upgrade: 2 personal feeling is not enough. of income. + has a basic magic ball: Because the primary + 1 level. self-protection: personal point of view. I did not + I prefer the PK. so there is no + this. because the + point method is not for the physical. big deal to see the soldiers. assassin. bows to his teammates to deal with. hehe .. but not enough points .! ice sword: because the priests are not familiar with the beginning of play. So + a 1. feeling too injustice is not enough ... .. now point detection: feel the skill design was flawed. If the probe is to start following the player after skills the scope of the display around 20M words. That should be pretty good detection skills. ... Unfortunately, the Garden is the two I + regret ... .. a play enough. disperse: to 3. If you do not want your teammates roared when the upgrade status of your solution. You can only SORRY time. that you do not, learn. waiting to be T now! magic pollution: + MAX ~ PK to rely on him. Although the charges prompt the blue but no properties with high attack can imagine the effect. energy depletion: not + too time-bound anti-consumption in the skills of my opponents did not +. because you PK the person. not an idiot. the other party can wash down medicine! attack Treatment: MAX Protection Magic: PK by him to eat it! rapid treatment must be MAX: MAX Ice roar surgery: garbage ... do not consider the Magic Absorption: Not absorbed monster tried but it is close to the magic away from the monster who would ... so close .... Kazakhstan used to tell me ... group therapy effect: Although the cost blue. effects less. but three is good. Daguai able to leapfrog the Cavaliers ahead of time to do the amount of blood back. good skills. Personal recommendation + MAX storm: operation of the enhanced version of ice roar. ... natural singing, but still rubbish: the effect is not particularly good. let me down skills. I + 1 level. feeling too common. maybe three results will be better. but given enough skill points In + the no. Prayer of Healing: the unique skills of the difficulties is quite good. back to the blood treatment than ordinary skill higher. must be full of rain + singing: difficult to attack skills. is not nonsense. must be 2. see you hurt will echocardiography. special peace and blessings: life, not to mention the + MAX salvation: I + to 2 because the model taking into account the future resurrection of death. After all, going with my friends to play with death. Prayer: LV3 are not blessed with the prayer is called level Pastor ... surgery to + MAX evolution: a good deal of people skills Qiangguai ... .. a hypnosis: PK battle dragged people by him. good enough skills to level 2! potential enhancement: If a soldier or any other professional I will consider. But the priest. So little blood left with the dead ... almost no + energy conversion: to 2. Or you will die depressed. Life Ambulance: very useful + useful skills. Whether PK or protect themselves are good. + Full Polymorph: 1 enough. magic reflection: a lot of people think that this skill not very good. buy shaiya goldLet's look at Skills results analysis. (three is the magic Shanghai will be totally reflect all the skills to each other!) Although I did not in battle group P used before. But in the 1V1, I tried very much for!! to + MAX ice: only high-attack skills. my friend Pastor ordinary number 50 with the skills of animal husbandry Daguai 1000 + If you use the words of war. effect can be imagined.! write so much ... you can refer to my opinion. hope that we can play the role of their own!


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