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The name of your career and quest tips as controls. To find the name of your career so you can find out a ballpark. . . Welcome friends additive group: 1,405,979 discussed. Spirit Society of habitat gaming world. Refining equipment in the repair place. There are three options arranged as follows. Repair exit refined. Point refined, there will be the following format. Box Box Box Box Box Box Box. The top of the box put the equipment to be concise (not to store weapons and goods, have to play out, with a special attribute of the equipment.) Store the goods on the first window. The following window will display all 6 red. Special equipment will be put up. Space can hold the stone for the 1-6 range. How to get the properties of refined stone. Each map in the neutral zone, there is level access restrictions. cheap Shaiya MoneyNeutral zone can be any of the properties of stone monster. Equipment, property of every kind of stone can only be a point of time. Better equipped to allow you to add a point to change careers. Such as +10 dex +10 luc +10 rec dress pants gloves shoes. You + 40 points dex luc rec. For the Assassins is to upgrade the number of points can be added to their attack or defense or on the crit. So equipment is very important, you can order equipment, stone, or a copy can be obtained in the task I do not Roseau it! Put it simply! 29, the fear of the elders of gloves is off Silver Goblin trigger eye props. 30 is the fear of shoes airborne toxic zombie litter trigger. 31 eyes of fear pants goblin hunter silver litter is triggered props. 32 afraid to take difficult task of clothes! trigger item is litter on the ground! gloves task involves the YLS, the last answer choice 3 answer a question is a physical attack +65 2 1 hour after the death of an invalid. is 1 hour faster after the death of an invalid 3. is 3 hours of life on the Line 500 is invalid after the death of all these strange Stan in Figure 2 is not present here, said outside the specific position of the!! there is a good man who can put the trigger 32, said that under the fear of clothes? Thank you! But with 2930's fear of war 2 hero equipment is already the largest Gospel! juicy high the sword of light that played level soldiers all know, this knife is an essential tool leveling the late soldier. water properties, attack speed faster than the average two-handed stage attack cap 188. to do the knife must first complete the 25 tasks knife ( Sword of Glory) -35 level necklace (Storm Necklace) - Magic Potion - juicy sword. First, the glory of the sword. then the task of the NPC in Figure 2, Bernhard farm to the road next to the FB method, NPC will tell you to go to law FB next to where another NPC, that NPC will ask you to kill the mandate of the Gulf crisis BOSS (the dragon), and then back to France at the task assigned to FB next to the NPC to get the glory of the sword. Second, the storm necklace. then NPC mission to Valencia in the Silver Peak field roadside fire station, does not remember the specific name. follow-up after receiving a lot of this task requires you to complete the task, but have introduced a very simple friends. Third, magic potion. in Silver city Valencia where the pick guard has a mission, he will want you to go to the orc city (Russell diagram). After the task has introduced the follow-up clatter. anyway, Shasha 2 small BOSS, and then sent messengers to the APL, and later to Al Borg messenger, and then get the magic potion. This task will ask you to kill the final frenzy, but juicy not to kill the task of killing can continue, after the killing frenzy will give you a task gloves, I feel pretty rubbish, not as fear, let alone a legend. Fourth, the watery and the sword. In Figure 3 the city, next to the blacksmith, had a legendary warrior wearing a suit of NPC, in that the next task, Task materials (fruits of 99 gold, 20 magic leather, 20 E Daman stone),buy shaiya gold with the task of this step is very easy material to a horse, to the NPC, leave it, but a direct appeal juicy carrying tasks are interlinked , that task must be completed each step, the next task to get this, do it some attention must be done in order slightly.4 General Assassin Min Li 1, 5, are they OK, because it is common, plus luck is not effective. Full sensitivity of the assassins in a war one can only use a little bit, but now has been basically no one to practice. As for archers, and if You are Mandarin, strongly suggest that you play. archers is to kill with, upgrade super slow. not to kill the pain of ordinary archer leveling, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Why bother, then have to play 5 lucky, fortunate 4 1 min, 4 force 1 min (post-washed flowers 25RMB ~), such as several additions, the effect is not good ~ ~ Well ... shaiya goldtalk about CK right again. First of all, said, CK, there are two, force and violence barbed spines (thorns agile refuse to ignore) force stab it, should be 4 power 1 min (to kill a good view), or 5 strength (leveling better) say that violence thorn, general election numbers do not suggest you eat thorns, because violence is not barbed good practice, but it needs regular violence and high levels (estimated to be coming to 40), even if the storm up killing effect is far less difficult, so I do not really want to add the proposed ~, then ~ can be so lucky 2 Force 3 Several similar addition, you can also spend 25RMB later washed into the storm to force barbed spines. talk about two kinds of spines .30 level comparing it to a lot of internal forces of fierce thorns, spines and 30 to force 40 storms almost stabbed, stabbed more than 40 violent Some can be ruthless. But the assassination of people Daguai violence are cool. Ha ha ~ personal hobby. but I suggest you play the power of comparative peace of mind barbed easy. (4 1 min of the kind of force) that experience or training that I personally out, or talked to me and my friends, Oh, I do not know why the upstairs downstairs so many comrades will give the answer to .. uh .. weird. super long ~ I'll need a continuous task of the task items that, this mission and a different light is not clear ~ I am doing is angry, we just do not go on in section 6 of the ~ powder to which props too difficult to play, the back may have to kill 3 BOSS, the task is a reward I heard 50 of the best weapons, but not sure. Universal's secret agents (3), 99 fruit of life (stores selling) the soul core 30 (30 helmet mandate props) Ada Man Stone 10 (2 layers in the fantasy that can reach the nest, bright I do not know) Universal's secret agents (6), Magic Leather 30 (3 which hit bottom left where there are monsters out of light) powder 10 (Layer 3 Fantasy nests can reach, but very few) Huang Jin Yabo 90 fruit trees ( yellow apple, birth points to hit) I just wrote a 3 and 6 items ~ other required tasks are running errands and playing the mobs `messenger is simple (we did not complete this task, since there is information in the supplementary ) 37 3 hole shoes take the task of the fire temple Figure 3,the next task ~ a total of 3 steps, mobs are there to play above the Temple fire lizards, specifically I forget ~ you can see the fire temple has a mission to have picked up lizard on the right tasks it wants to play ~ 4 level task hat hat soul core props 31 30 (30 next task, the items were dropped in Figure 2) 37 caps evil core 30 (36 next task, this Figure randomly drop items in 3) 44 caps immortal core 30 (43 next task, the items in the 3 maps and fantasy lair random drop) 51 caps dark core 30 (not sure, but still keep good, this item Figure and fantasy in 3 nests with random drop) seems to be 35 then, the task of transporting forage props done to give what I do not know, I have not done, these tasks can be hit when the low-level items, I began to do not know, have sold the shop) bread and butter of 10 red roses fruits of the blessings of the 10 toxic 10 tasks have forgotten some forget to do before recording ~ ~ in the discovery of new hair I will take the first task of the system is up ~ very important part of the game, giving money to the experience of the task. Stone to the property. For special equipment. A proposal to do the whole task, how to do the task? shaiya point in the next task is the yellow dot on the map. Pick -. 3 types of tasks. 1.. Playing a monster. Several killed by falling or have the task of several strange items. The fight of the blame for such tasks in the mission profile in the name of a pale blue. Quest for the task name of the item in yellow. 2. To kill a BOSS. Killed. Or have the task items. About BOSS in the name of a light blue. But the monster's name be different than usual. Generally do not have prefixes. Monster's name is usually the format is. BOSS *** ****, but the format is. ****。 No spaces. 3. To find the simplest such tasks NPC. A next task to find the NPC will become a blue dot, the other tasks, too, the task is finished, the delivery point will become a blue dot task. Little experience to do the task. Monsters of all tasks, then the task of the NPC in the vicinity of the NPC as the center will not be distributed out to look too far. Task strange name. shaiya goldOnly the profile name in the blue monster and the monster control, checking the number into the sitting on OK. Do not need to look to understand the task, for example, the monster name is (state indigo hair brief. Engage in stirrups tumor). What does that mean you control him inside, like ~ like the Chinese, a shrieking (brutal violent. Boar), Let it be what it means. You know that strange call with a (brief status of indigo hair. Engage in stirrups tumors) became ~! ! ! . There is the quest items, sometimes you choose to. Basic is the case, see the information bar of your character, professional names below on the left. That is the name of your career.


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