How to Build Good Shamans in Requiem

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How to Build Good Shamans in Requiem Empty How to Build Good Shamans in Requiem

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 27, 2011 7:53 pm

Today we will introduce you how to build good shamans in Requiem, and here is the plan for shaman build pre level 30, have a look.

- Fireball
Instant cast and almost no downtime, my main attack
- Fire Totem
330 dmg + 13/2sec for 10 sec that scale with INT. Party friendly also
- Flame Shield level(Requiem Gold) 22
- Mana Amulet level 12
Regent faster, 15% at max lxl, can not say no to that.
- Healing Totem level 26
Seems like a good choice and really party friendly. Level 5 gives 15hp/2s with duration of 30 sec.
- Burning Hell level 36
Damage is just crazy, plan to use it to initiate fights and then spam fireballs.

Thanks for you reading and hope that can help you. Also here is Requiem powerleveling service at low price, if you need, you can order from us. Enjoy you time with this game.


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