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The Hunter Personal Exp in Shaiya Empty The Hunter Personal Exp in Shaiya

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General After graduation, have been thinking of opening a bow, thought, to take the javelin, shot up power, give full play to the highest attack weapon ( buy shaiya gold ). started doing the exercises, to the 18's when noticed a problem, then what have in Figure 1, swamp brush fire,'ve been should know that there are two snakes, a gray, a light blue, right? Lower gray level 160 or so hit it, light blue high-level in Shaiya played about 100, (hold 2 min Javelin 5 strength). Can put 20 weapons, and also go Figure 2, I felt a problem, this time playing two kinds of snakes are around 200, think this series is not the same as a snake, not the same defense, how are playing so much? A name being called 'saturation attack' it.

Figure 2, began to kill the toad, can hit 160 or so, saw a lot of little strength can not increase the arch 100 0:00 to play, but she loves violence ah, depressed, and had so many forces feed the dog? heard a 'grade constraints', 23 to kill or did not break when toad 200, 150 or so lucky to have a bow. understand that his plan be abolished, attack saturation + level restrictions completely restricted high attack power.

Do not lose heart, all over again lucky, and can be depressed early on, and Green did not play a few, or 2 green. (Monster colors such as yellow, to yellow 2, green to green 3) Do not mention the yellow one a rest. Finally adhere to 36, and one kill. Now the power of 60, agility 60, save lucky. Not how to get to the battlefield to kill only poor record of 33 535 dead. Personal feelings or bow to play the professional talent "lucky." Can not be crossed and more power, not physical things such as waste of points. Personal feeling, less low-power, to ensure MISS agile, full-lucky.OK, at least one kill to the battlefield without losing face.

Another period of work, you should have 23 to 24 a. Then there are two options: One option is to copy battlefield 2 raids, and second, have spent time in the A Mailuo to the bottom junction. chose A Mailuo. Also into the reasons behind the speak. A Mailuo out a side near the junction of the following, who have demon stone singing mercenary and lower levels were higher Demon Stone singing mercenary and some non-property monsters. According to your current attack, playing in Shaiya up slightly difficult, but insisted it. Quickly to 25, here you have a task to be completed: 25 of Guangwu task. And We would provide you the cheapest cheap shaiya money with the fastest delivery.

That refuse to kill in a simple BOSS in Shaiya and then return here, you will find the original difficulty of the monster is just a bunch of previous experience. Mainly because we are all to upgrade. So after 26 you immediately change the local bar. Along the road to run down. You will turn to see big piles of goats and bison, wild boar or something. Do not hesitate, they are your experience. Here you cobble together a 32-class package, also reached 28. Rest. Slow down your leveling (shaiya money) speed. For the time being to maintain the previous rate is more difficult. You are here adhere to the 29.

To see whether there are peripheral to the task before, guard Trent Adams think you should look at further strengthening the ability for you to solve the three Soke goat, "Garrison's troubles (1)", resolved that he would let you go kill 3 blunt teeth Jackals "Garrison's troubles, well, that he was nothing more to say next. Village talk to the farm to find it very easy-going village, the village may be some people who need your help. Found Dannieryi ear special, he wants you to help travelers get rid of the fish that attack people, "who repulsed the fish "find the group of guys gets it, though more powerful than the monster before, but you a little more seriously, or to its capability to deal with, especially where the ears go back Dannieryi told he had buttoned, and he is grateful to you is blessed also point it.

Encountered gives you a super boring task "send boxes", boxes in what order? Still a empty boxes out of honest nature you decide not to open the read. Only a few Step Road .. the boxes to the Verona Johnson. Goodfellas Verona Johnson, took the lunch box makes you go to work, and want you to kill the dwarves brigands, "remove the dwarves brigands", you eat come did it Live ~ helpless ~ pack of dwarves brigands mission back pay awards so bad . Shaiya Gold and shaiya gold service are served in our website, you can buy them at lowest price as you need, and our customer service is also the best. Please place an order at any time.

Complete the task and then go to pay, get your hat. (If the heart is not enough, do not worth mentioning.) We can go to the town of Limoges. choose to do at this time a number of towns and Warren Limoges camp tasks.The result is to 30. If you think the experience here is also good (if you keep your team, then say), then adhere to put 32 clothes. Bring medicine, we copy it to Calamo House. Do not get into the front after a copy of Xiaoguai, they do not put your eyes.


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