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Shaiya each difficulty vocational ability Empty Shaiya each difficulty vocational ability

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1 knight + 2 wise method, difficulties in resistance to blame ability knights have than ordinary has a big rise, and difficult knight itself can counteract negative state, plus 2 difficult wise high offense method, more can accelerate brush blame speed. So relatively, the basic need not pastor. For god is the qi creep level suppression is very severe, calculate you to prevent again tall, tapping again is high, you dozen also was very difficult. As brush yellow or orange blame more efficiency. With traditional seven teams, experience that is considerable, and the team good group, don't like before such a long group team. 2) a clergyman + 2 warrior, shaiya goldIn order to help everybody soon to solve the food and shelter problem, quickly better the rich man who will become in the game everybody to envy, myself prepared the following five kinds to gain the secret very practical specially for everybody choice. Has the trumpet promotion: Has played "God Sobs" the friend, likes several trumpets, either uses for to experience the different occupation the game pleasure, either uses for to hit brushes the equipment valuable. If some people are willing to bring their trumpet to kill strangely, lets the harvest experience's speed be again quick a spot, enjoys is lying down the ultra pleasant sensation which also promotes, Warrior mass suits, helmet giambi 3 keep 4, heroic garment skill 13 keep 4, heroic trousers skill 13 keep 4, fear hand skill 13 keep 4, another grooves look your capital how much it rich last 5 sensitive, have no money on 5 life, shoes and gloves as the legitimate. You'd better one-handed weapon last attribute, another last 5 against 5 force/sensitive, shield skill 13 keep 4. Don't ask me such equipment lucky which come of, just buy a attribute regression all OK. First these equipment wear body, see how lucky also sent to 130, with dot add will do. This equipment is mainly blood thickness, to know wars are not murderers 2 blink, no point life value is afraid of being seconds oh... Actually rich have rich play, no money around some equipment not too bad, not afraid humiliates afraid you dare not on the battlefield. Now, with ants have difficulty like everywhere yes, plus a lot of difficult career is in war, war 1 2 finish brush exploits out, each difficulty vocational ability has been greatly improved, and the monster or previous monster, so teams are correspondingly changed. Below I will say all difficult career LianJi tie-in effect believed that the majority of trumpets are cannot be parsimonious absolutely. shaiya money Doubts brushes the gem, if you are preparing the promotion equipment, then brushed the gem quite to be worthwhile, both could enhance itself, the unnecessary gem and could sell. Certainly, this also not necessarily so is exactly easy, perhaps only will spend a meeting time to have the big pile of gem to deposit, also perhaps entire one day of actually anything has not obtained, the wish will obtain the rich income, looked that your luck and was patient! Sets up a stall is boss to doubt, to practice when level projects on with the high-level equipment to collect, I don't know I like to play trick war 2, mainly skills, this is many friends have been keen and war 2 reasons! Below I say about warrior vocational some views: Soldiers this career is absolutely war two indispensable, strong power, plays a mainstay function. Now as a single hand skills upgrading shield war also rightfully fight 2 Kings. Become Now the war two warriors basic has attributes, level 5 is also very common, gap much. Still basically see exploits and take medicine of quantity, the other is the equipment legal. All say warriors fight 2 need not lucky, I actually think this is a kind of prejudice, as we all know, war 2 except bow lucky high outside, the others are not many lucky, "don't say with me CK lucky high, now battlefield CK basic is sensitive body pledge". This directly affected your crit rate, I personally think warrior lucky in 120 - almost 130 around and all else force sensitive right, of course, life value is indispensable.leisure time set up a stall sells to other needs to play the family, might also let your income company turn several times, this was the innumerable friends gains to the first means. cheap Shaiya MoneyIf can also wash some small advantages, the practical good thing in others that then your wealth certainly very quickly rises several, obtained the profit also to go without saying naturally.Makes on soldier of fortune each map always to have some quite to have the difficulty duty or the monster, was waiting for we challenge, but is not all people can with ease do, was also not each people can momentarily find the friend to help. Therefore, some quite wealthy friend flower will ask the human to help to hit BOSS. Devastates BOSS: Underground city deep place's formidable BOSS, the general meeting brings satisfyingly many for us. These quite rare equipment, is can sell the rare high price frequently, therefore at suitable time hits open country small BOSS is a becoming rich way.see priestly prayer skills, add strength add spirit plus physique, absolutely be tailored to the soldier. Difficulties warrior damage strong but also all a bedazzling were blocked.No matter, the money is always when and where essential, "God Sobs" is not exceptionalHowever, how can gain suffices one great money, is actually not the matter which everybody can achieve, some friend money many to cannot all spend, but some actually continually normal expenses are very in addition tight.About individual to fix for god, listen to "qi" technique flow player explain... War two 19th area: actually,buy shaiya goldGood, gains the method told everybody, each position carried on the choice according to own actual need! No matter which method, needs you to make own effort, this year may not have the space to fall the meat pie the matter.


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