Shaiya bow how to organize the battlefield

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Shaiya bow how to organize the battlefield Empty Shaiya bow how to organize the battlefield

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Want to write long before some conclusions on the battlefield, the hub of 15W exploits, there is no time to summarize. In today's busy, they used to sum up 15 days, 10 hours a day online, battlefield murder of 9 hours per day, 15 days to kill the 2.2W. shaiya gold While small, but bright as a four-zone camp, a 59 archers, I think not many hang over the bow to me, at least for now it should be no. Amount does not stink P a. Summarize my experience with the organization a total war the following four points: First, communication. Sunday, day two organizations continued to kill black, I appreciate the battle group concept. The battlefield is not a person, not a team of 5 team. Even without the death ride, the team can do basic communication (not necessarily have to be in TS, as long as the team typing Nengkanmingbai, the reaction can be fast enough), it can not be said to kill the battlefield should think Pimi, is quite passionate to say the least , but also to avoid unnecessary losses. Head or deputy group, at least one TS or UT in the room, and the team to facilitate communication, the basic TS or UT can do that to which direction to kill, his 3 seconds to type to tell you where to go or which team plus a collection of anti- injury to it. I'm sure fighting spirit of the Holy Spirit meaning of V --- crab, and say, war fighters are now most in need of something to grasp, time is everything! This is also called the value of props --- there will be one moment together.shaiya money Timely means of communication can grasp the most important aircraft. Second, team-based arrangement. Killing efficiency of a team can play out his maximum capacity, you have to see whether the various members of this team in the appropriate location. My team is basically the first team to ride, and high pure dead good approach exploits first-class equipment linked to war, hanging, animal husbandry. Can arrange for a team put one or two dead soldiers. Arrangements for the two dead soldiers, would require at least two difficulties in the team hanging in the TS, animal husbandry. No death does not recommend more than two per team. Revisit this later. Is best two teams linked to war and the difficulties linked to the bow mixed team, can not a TS or UT, but the requirements need to adjust Knight 2 teams plus a collection of anti-injury time, he will promptly let go from his work, quickly came to the collection, in order to avoid delayed aircraft. 3 teams can arrange archers and shaiya money It is best to configure the two priests bow team. Such a high death bow attacks increase blood can be individually protected to enjoy the treatment of priests, while the bow is also difficult to increase the state to increase blood pastor, ,so could be assigned to more head. Basically worship the black with hanging, and the way pretty good, and their thugs actually quite happy. 4 .5 team can arrange a number of teams with no hang, or not in the person of a TS or UT. 5 teams can give up essential to a team, all with hanging, all in the same TS, heard the command, the light is difficult to do during the day. So do not hang those so-called, or not 58 of all levels into 5 teams now. Need to group with linked directly KICK 5 team comrades. buy shaiya goldNo way, linked to the battlefield do not buy, you mix ah? Medicines are killing hundreds of millions of others to you that eating half a pack to kill a thousand talents red, you can sleep peacefully? Note, if you encounter outside the relationship between the team members do not generally like people are husband and wife, or they are a will, in a TS or UT, then try to arrange them in a team. Oh, this will need to play the game is usually more concerned about, seeing much mind to the heart.


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