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Tomorrow masterpiece known as the 2006 finale of the online game "Shaiya shaiya" started beta, and even self-proclaimed fan of the game can not miss the natural pull, where I briefly referring to the next game, (shaiya gold)although not catch Niece, But in its official website also gain a lot.shaiya "line by South Korean game maker SONOKONG (Monkey King) take 3 years to spend 7 billion won to build the epic MMO-RPG. Story of the goddess Yi Taian God created the earth, the light of the alliance and the anger of two major camps, the war triggered by different beliefs. Upon the game launch, which caused a tremendous sensation in Korea and wide acclaim, the industry critics as the "online game in the works of art."

Naver (Korea's largest general-purpose search engine) statistics show that only measured during the game, "shaiya" word on the minds of players in Korea, with its ultra-high popularity, keyword search list to board the first one fell swoop. 7.0 billion won is converted to current exchange rate of RMB 0.0084, the result is 58.8 million yuan conversion. In order to ensure "shaiya" superior quality of the game, developers SONOKONG spend much in the production, heavily inviting South Korea's top portrait artist who designed the whole game and the CG is responsible for drawing working, fine and delicate Yitai An image called the Goddess of women in the history of the most perfect example. South Korea has a well-known playwright grand view of the world single-handedly built the game play, blood and tears cutting class epic Hollywood blockbuster par.

Game 9 theme music by the renowned music producer Giorgio get Chile (representative of "Wing Commander", "Kill Bill 2") at the Warner professional recording studio to complete.( shaiya money) Dedication to a number of big-name producers to join, as "shaiya" This epic masterpiece added a bright starlight. By the way BLIZZARD 2004 SONOKONG with the company's "World of Warcraft" Internet cafes in South Korea signed a franchise agreement. South Korea Monkey (SONOKONG CO., LTD) was established in December 1996, is a toy, cartoon, comic business mainly covers the full range of integrated gaming entertainment business enterprise. 2003, SONOKONG with Blizzard Entertainment (Blizzard Entertainment) companies, the success of "World of Warcraft ¢ó (Warcraft ¢ó-Frozen Throne)" into the Korean market. With independent research and development capabilities, as game makers, SONOKONG bring its SONOV elite development team, is committed to developing capacity and operational capacity to become a good and outstanding enterprises.

Say a few words, "shaiya" adult games in South Korea is, in fact, the so-called "adult" element contains many elements, not just exposure, sexy, and bloody, violent and other elements, but the domestic version and Korean version of the contents there will be some adjustments, while maintaining the original characteristics of the game based on many local, then add the elements and circumstances.( cheap shaiya money) Old players should remember a few years ago there shall call "A3" of the game, when the avalanche of ads, but also an adult online games. Come to talk about game mode, "God weeping shaiya" MMORPG in the history of the introduction of a stand-alone version of the difficulty first introduced the concept of "multi-system difficulties" (Multiple Up bring user Option System, referred to as "MUO").

That is, the game includes the "experience" and "General", "difficult" and "death" a total of four difficulty modes. The higher the difficulty, players experience points needed to upgrade the more, in return, received after the upgrade of the capacity growth in the value of the more, players can choose their own preferences in accordance with gameplay. Want to experience the game of "Death Mode" role, the player must follow the degree of difficulty gradually MUO start playing from the normal mode, practicing character to select the difficulty mode after 50 practice. And so on, also need to practice in a difficult mode to practice until after 50 die mode. The official statement from the above that, to experience the "death mode", players must practice "normal", "difficult" two 50 characters only choice, because there is no catch closed beta, so it is not clear a 50 characters practice the time required, but fortunately the game is "life-long free".

"Normal" mode of experience was ordinary, level cap 60, access to 300 attribute points, skill points 180 points. "Difficult" mode 2 times the experience was ordinary, level cap 60, access point 420 attribute points, skill points 240 points. "Death" model to obtain experience of 2 times normal, level cap of 60, 540 point gain attribute points, skill points 300 points, there are special skills. In the "death" model, each upgrade, capacity enhancement of the value is much higher than other models, so the player can develop a very powerful game character strength. Meanwhile, the "death" mode, the game character once dead, will not be resurrected.(buy shaiya gold) Override all of the powerful strength, means that only one of the precious lives. People die, it will remove the "death" role model, but does not affect the account's role within the other modes. Some can not understand is that it took to do Diablo 2, contrast, than it should to get the most popular, such as Blizzard's "World of Warcraft," Oh. Diablo 2 did not remember correctly, should be the product of the last century, but people think it is Diablo 2 is good, support for MOD. Well, first I write to you, the client downloads to tomorrow to continue into the next experience.


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