Shaiya Tips for Slang (1)

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Shaiya Tips for Slang (1) Empty Shaiya Tips for Slang (1)

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 10, 2010 11:02 pm

Slang plays a big part in all online games, as in Shaiya Gold most of the abbreviations are the same. Here is a simple list of most slang on Shaiya:

WTB - Want to buy.
WTS - Want to sell.
WTT - Want to trade.
brb - be right back.
KS - kill steal/kill stealer.
PK - player kill/player killer.
PvP - player vs. player.
PVE - player vs. enviorment/player vs. monster.
lol, lmfao, lmao, lolz, - various forms that means the character(Shaiya powerleveling) is laughing, the last two forms we would highly discourage. Those are only a few of the slang words used in Shaiya Gold, the most popular we have seen. If any need to be added tell us please.


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