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"Shaiya" Sea Goddess of the latest election interviews Top 4 MM Empty "Shaiya" Sea Goddess of the latest election interviews Top 4 MM

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"Shaiya" Sea Goddess election contest has been announced, shaiya gold the player voted by the network's "Goddess of players in mind" can be described as semi-final candidates deserved. Pure pleasant Mimmy, the noble chapter Jiayi, Liu Fu-Yi glamorous, sexy Hongwei Fei, four temperament styles of beauty is now high popularity, has become the representative of a new generation of Internet and media celebrities.

Today, we are honored to have this competition, all four winners, some of them to the online interviews, want to know who the latest MM Recent it? It quickly and see it. Tracy: you MM is good, first to congratulate the "weeping god" Goddess pick to win, Congratulations! Public MM: Thank you ... ... Thank you! Tracy: What would like you said? Now the fans are certainly a lot of you Oh! Mimmy: ah, the most trying to say is, thank you for supporting me. I really appreciate it. In fact, every player in the top 20 finalists are all very powerful, thank you for been my vote. Furthermore, we need to thank "God weep" provides the opportunity for me to have the opportunity to show themselves, Buy shaiya gold thank you!

Hongwei Fei: Of course, tell you all say ... Thank you ... thank friends for their support. Zhang Jiayi: ah, thank you for your support ~ Thank you to support chapter Jiayi. Liu Fu-Yi: Oh, I also want to say thank you, very happy, will not let you to support my players are disappointed, thank you! Tracy: Haha, you MM seems to support their friends, players full of gratitude it! So give a chance to let everyone know you know it. What entertainment do you usually have? Liu Fu-Yi: My entertainment is very simple matter, but also quite busy as usual, but when the retired and sit prefer to play online games and shopping. Tracy: Oh, what games are played it? Liu Fu-Yi: Played a lot of ah, but recently has been playing Shaiya! My normal mode is almost graduated, full of hard training, would like to thank once took me to GG who, huh, huh Mimmy: ah, I have to practice a white mage wizard, clothes, incredibly beautiful, and maybe we have the opportunity to touch me in the game ... ... Tracy: Oh? So Mimmy in which server? Mimmy: Telecom El Mana,cheap Shaiya Money in which the server and the name Well, ha ha ... ... please allow me a little myself to secrecy!

Tracy: Haha, then you blessed El Mana area slightly players, maybe one day encounter with the beauty Mimmy Oh, then there Jiayi and Fifi play "God sobbing" it? Hongwei Fei: Yes, ah, I have a Dark Elf Rogue character, I feel a lot of fun, the operation is not complicated, just right for me. Zhang Jiayi: I'm human priest, in the ranks to other people simply do not seem to increase the blood, there is a mistake, was also captain of training the ... ... (spit tongue, Xiao Bian Note: so cute!!) Tracy: for "God and sobbing" What do you think this game has it? Liu Fu-Yi: Yes, it is like to start is like two goddesses MM, into the game to find that the characters are beautiful, the picture is very beautiful. Mimmy: especially the white wizard's clothes, every set is very good, I look nothing like the picture on the inside, and travel, do not know when to mess with death model ... ...

Zhang Jiayi: ah, the priest is fun, inside the GG were also very friendly, has been leveling with me. Hongwei Fei: I think the design of the great underground city, the monster is very real, and some monster is beautiful, a shining to. Tracy: you what are you busy? Mimmy: Recently, we are busy as the "weeping god" goddess style photo shoot, clothing, and exactly the same on the screen it really is the first time to see these clothes, excited for a long time (laughs). Liu Fu-Yi: Yes, although the shooting more difficult, but to get along and the staff is very happy, the effect or make you satisfied!
Tracy: Yeah, that would please the majority of players have a lot to the MM join,buy cheap shaiya gold please continue to support the cry of God to continue to support you goddess! Looking forward to four games with the shape of it! Thank you for an interview.


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