Shaiya Guide for Priest and Oracle (1)

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Shaiya Guide for Priest and Oracle (1) Empty Shaiya Guide for Priest and Oracle (1)

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:45 am

Shaiya: Don't spam healing like mad, unless you don't have anything better to do. When mobs are yellow to tank, usually you can afford to waste mana in that way, but agains't orange/red mobs depending on your heals and tanks defense, aka. on modes and builds, you must get the most of every point you have. Also, use dagger, not staff. That means faster heals through less casting time in-between spells. When tank gathers mobs, if bless is high, try to not use heals at all.

Never start of with Instant Heal or Recovery. It may be tempting, esp. with the second one, but if you do use them at wrong time. The first heal of battle for example, you will not have them for emergency. If you need to use them at the start of battle, then you shouldn't even try to take so many of those mobs in the first place unless your nukers/attackers are taking the mobs in first few seconds. You can buy shaiya gold here.

The best time to use Recovery is when tank is at around 50-70%. If he dies fast, then it's higher end of that. If he dies not much faster than you heal, then keep it until around half. We use Instant Heal when tank is at around 20-25% whatever the mobs, when Recovery is recharging. If for some reason your attack will be slowed, dispel it whatever the cost. Your attack being slowed, means that you heal slower as well, which would be like making the mobs stronger. Even with strong mobs, you will be better off with wasting the time for Dispel than healing while slowed. If you will need to use Instant Heal or Recovery if you have it right after the dispell. We provide Shaiya powerleveling for you.


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