Shaiya Tips for Characteristics (5)

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Shaiya Tips for Characteristics (5) Empty Shaiya Tips for Characteristics (5)

Post  Admin on Thu Sep 16, 2010 10:35 pm

The basic characteristics are as follows:

Attacker: Strong on the offense, medium on defense. Very narrow minded (all non-buffs are damage skills, usually weapon specific). Easy to play with appropriate build, and can make good duo with priest. HM and UM fighters have good while NM fighters have small AoE potential.

Tank: Very bad on offence, the best on defense. Very party centered character(shaiya money). Have almost only debuffs, some with added damage potential. Is supposed to take groups of mobs on himself to allow other characters freely and safely AoE them to death.

Healer: Either very bad or very good on offense. Bad on defense (good magical resistance). The only character who can heal. Mostly very party oriented. Have the best buffs in the game. Have the second best AoE potential (unless built for being the healer).

Nuker: Have the highest damage in the game(Shaiya powerleveling), but as those are spells, they need some planning and time to cast. Very low on defense. Narrow (all non-buff skills are damaging or damaging with debuff). Highest AoE potential in Shaiya.


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