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Shaiya Gold features several battlefields in which players from opposing factions can engage in a never-ending conflict. There are various PvP maps with progressing level ranges: 1-15, 20-30, 1-60. Shaiya Gold players may issue a challenge to another player within the same faction who is near him/her. If the challenged player does not respond within 10 seconds, the challenge is automatically rejected. Defeated players in PVP combat stand a change of losing an un-equipped item from their inventory.

Crafting within Shaiya Gold

The only crafting ability is the repairing of a weapon's endurance level(Shaiya powerleveling). However, it is reported thart a crafting system has already been completed and will soon be introduced to Shaiya Gold.

Shaiya Quests

NPCs in Shaiya(Shaiya Money) provide quests which players may complete for experience and unique items. There were well over 1,000 available quests for players to undetake.

Shaiya Gold Server.
Lailah - Alliance of Light.
Lailah - Union of Fury.
Teos - Alliance of Light.
Teos - Union of Fury.


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