Night Elf details in Shaiya(A)

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Night Elf details in Shaiya(A) Empty Night Elf details in Shaiya(A)

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You realize that the battle will not be easy. From in Shaiya the outset it seems some are not going well, those ugly low-level (Shaiya Powerleveling)of the base's biped with their sharp teeth, claws and rudimentary stick, ax and great damage to your attacks. Although you can handle a few, but the number of sex crimes is too much. You even wonder whether they are superior to those fecundity mice, cockroaches in the distant. When you finally cleared a werewolf no trace of the site and began to sweep the battlefield, you find that he even failed to enter Yate Lun's kuangdonggou. Fortunately, you have completed your task.

From the war, you found some words are marked with Roman clothing and Aizi need ore. You go back to the Flight town. Ai Zi and Trehin happy for your work. They reward you some. Only Sasi Lu, you bring back the face of Roman relics are very angry. Obviously he has hated werewolf gang to their bones. He asks you to help him retaliate those beasts. He believes that most should be addressed weaken the power of those werewolves. And We would provide you the cheapest Shaiya Gold with the fastest delivery.


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