The Duty Captures in Shaiya (A)

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The Duty Captures in Shaiya (A) Empty The Duty Captures in Shaiya (A)

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To your current strength, BOSS in Shaiya is hitting all do not touch, quiet bar here Haibian those skeleton. You quickly rose to 42.This time you can go to the den of two layers of fantasy. Own to find a suitable place Shasha what ghosts and werewolves, you will soon rise a level (Shaiya Gold).

43,44 of the guard to go deep a little more secure place. Somewhere in the depth and variability of Warcraft Shasha human vampire, and so on to 46 when your guard, OK, you can go to a fantasy 3. This time chose to leave fantasy to kill to Figure 2. Open the map in Figure 2, bottom right corner there is a place called the Red Chaos.

OK, no other place for you (or do not see). You will be the birth of your difficulties here, people! Squestions would like to explain further about: 1, the security right afterburning. Afterburning of security appropriate time in the strange pull more secure. As we all know, the level (Shaiya Powerleveling) of repression powerful God weep. All additional physical security in the strange red top, the still difficult, but add a little edge, at least, can increase the base damage, to reduce the monster pull not live situation. 2, select the style, because many monsters are the wind grams.


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