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Post  Admin on Fri Jul 02, 2010 7:36 pm

God weep about the University dates back to the time when am on the freshman Hou, talking about God, weeping almost 3 years and also played in shaiya it, play the game was purely for my girlfriend and no real sense of play, since that time the school on winter break did not go home early, my girlfriend called his fellow taught me to play the game (Shaiya gold) , when speaking is really quite interesting, a hostel ah, Oh, just came into contact with the two areas role of the name "God of Love Hui" PT graduation Jiugen difficult to play with his brothers, then not very play station 1, was seemingly a little obsessed with this game, but sorry things, when was No. 2 and 50 problems + when the number was stolen, and find all be brought back, then does not want to play, and No. And We would provide you the cheapest shaiya powerleveling with the fastest delivery.

1 is not easy to get the equipment, but later it was the encouragement of friends playing together since then play battlefield special But are Station 1 Station 2 Come, then play in two areas of TC, is bright Yeah, called "heart de convention", then still a force Hou Station 1 assassin called "Yi", set people His murder, that cool did not say, of course, regular equipment to help me buy a good brother, "Weak water 3000", but then he does not play. Later, the combined area to the "old monster," made all day, called ah, when the battlefield is really very little hanging, playing together animatedly, but with the passage of time to find 3, hanging more and more, as we hostels are not many in the play, and the only fight am a person.Moreover, even tragic things to the university to graduate.

go our separate ways, girlfriend also 8, and can only play the game recreation of a good thing to play on the battlefield, but later that "Yi" have gone, am ready to once again weep from God, God is playing with people ah so, then do not know how a girl out of it and play better, "Cold Moon Allure v Rose," We often play with Station 1, started playing black No. , but later opened a new area, this guy ran to New 19, went to move a person bored also Jiugen go, who knows GT also issued new area, she ran to 20 area, was tired of leveling practice, the 19 specifically to play to stay in the station 1, this is a black number, the beginning is called "V for the wife changed the fox", later took almost the same name, have escalated. am 19, "fox" this name also come, and later also met with good brothers "Cai Cai", "Tan Lang" are playing better, it is still 19, huh, huh, well do not write, and work it was caught on fired.


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