Task Raiders of Expensive Set in Shaiya

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Task Raiders of Expensive Set in Shaiya Empty Task Raiders of Expensive Set in Shaiya

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Task Raiders of Expensive Set in Shaiya

Order as follows:
9J shoes: In Figure 1 next to the ruins of the beacon of Alicia Lyle temperature then the task that require killing four Kewell jungle ruins of pus zombie zombies and 4; After killing the task back pay, he would task reward you. Note: certain elements of the magician will be special awards to soldiers the space below the shoe. 10J pants: the hunter camp, where Sonny then "save items (Shaiya Money)" task Necessary to Play 10 bear skins, kick down there with tasks inShaiya, get soldiers pants.

11J coat: and 9J task with NPC, then task of stolen firewood Ernest task; let you go Arbour Village, Eric, Stone Goblin incantation you kill to get stolen wood division; here again is the key: it is absolutely necessary level (Shaiya Powerleveling) 20 stolen firewood will have follow-up task, get back to Eric with tasks after firewood, delivery after delivery of firewood in his task then to return to Ernest with tasks, ibid points in the space below by soldiers of the shirt.

15J guard: Duke blacksmith in the city where kolas access task, the task description is a blank drop, point to open the task bar to open the task, prompts you to kill 10 orcs incantation residual ax teacher, returned after killing 10 the task assigned to the Duke. Note: You must complete this task will be a follow-up to the task and then to kolas City businessman Mark dorf armor then the task that is not the same task description, point to open the task bar to open task to loitering in your big brown bear kill 10, kill After back to Mark there with tasks and items to the item is still blank, to be careful here, friends, with the location of points above the bottom of the task that on the line.


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