Explosion of Distribution Point in Shaiya

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Explosion of Distribution Point in Shaiya Empty Explosion of Distribution Point in Shaiya

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 11, 2010 10:35 pm

Equipment: 6-hole cap hit Helen transportation, intellectual, sophisticated, mysterious 1,2,3. Legend Top 53 hit: 5 Games, intellectual, mysterious 1,2, also air a 52-hole Legend pants drop: 5 Games, intellectual, sophisticated, mysterious 1,2. 55 5D Hand: 5 intellectual, sophisticated, mysterious 1,2, has a hole 56 in the 5D space shoes in Shaiya: 5 Games (Shaiya Gold), intellectual, sophisticated, mysterious 1,2 All Games TAS: 5 Games, intellect, attack, strong 2.

Jewelry: super necklace (and hit the magic and vitality), the other is level (Shaiya Powerleveling) 55, calm jewelry. First point that the washing process: Although read a lot of points on the blast in the article increases, but the value for the lucky in the end how much they should not have a unified view, in order not to wash again, return with the skills of stone After the first 500 lucky added to the remaining attribute points do not rise.

Then called my friend, a difficult 54 knights to hack me, see Crit. 500 lucky crit in about 80%, a friend asked me to add up lucky, add 5 to 10 again, then see crit rate, so have been fortunate to add the 530, this time critical strike close to 98%, cut down several dozen, the only occasional one does not burst, hit rate for such violence are more satisfied with the. So the whole point of the remaining increase intellectual skills. Now attribute point is: the lucky 530, 459 of the intellect, 187 spirit. Magic attacks, plus a spell, there are 878. 56 see that the box is orange, guess this crit rate is not related with poor grades, higher grade than their own, critical strike rate of the less.


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