Warrior Leveling Thought in Shaiya

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Warrior Leveling Thought in Shaiya Empty Warrior Leveling Thought in Shaiya

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:47 pm

Graduated a long time, difficult to play a priest and warrior inShaiya. Said here is that leveling (Shaiya Money) is not PK. Early gave my wife to do average tasks, like drawing best. Weapons with dual wield. If level 15 is not squandering the time should be 10 million. Because it is full, so the high attack. Dan Lian Green ~ Yellow strange enough. Mixed tasks, has been mingled level 15 to 300 people fighting a kill him on it. What is the point ah, this number is leveling Do not forget! Seemingly have a task can be valuable level (Shaiya Powerleveling) 17 hands, not dual wielding. Now begin training for the future operation of it. Select alike, and also gave up a PK. Remember, this number is leveling the!

Remember correctly, 18 Figure 1 should not start the task, and at this time. Do not force the whole inside of the. Start + sensitivity, because the Mind and Body was. Focus began Oh - to a copy of Mao, bought vitality and life to even go to Figure 2 dozen monkeys and foxes strategic, operational essentials: monkeys and foxes are active, after the strange basic guidelines have taken the initiative ~ 2 ~ 3, double support for each can only blame put a Thang Long or Long's CD is almost none.

Then change hands and arms, the earth + whirlwind half-blood should blame this time, you should be only half of the blood. For dual wielding, Thrust + doubles eating activity should be linked to one this time, and then square cut. And so on CD, and then the earth + cyclone. Start may get down to more practice. Because after all this fun. Remember to drink red ah, do not mean to!


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