Normal Mode Assassin in Shaiya

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Normal Mode Assassin in Shaiya Empty Normal Mode Assassin in Shaiya

Post  Admin on Mon May 31, 2010 8:13 pm

Normal Mode Assassin in Shaiya

Assassin under the first said it, in fact full of simple addition inShaiya, you mainly to upgrade, more power is to upgrade your basic, most experienced players will choose 4 power 1 power 2 min or 3 min of addition, so that if 2 -3 agile on the basis of your attack will be full of high, for the upgrade itself, it is the first choice.

In normal mode, suggest that without luck, not because of luck assassin weak, mainly common mode of the player's property was limited. Fortunately, very difficult to play their attacks increase. If all lucky again when you upgrade and ultimately MISS. Here we supply cheaper Shaiya Gold with fast delivery for players who need them, please come and have a look

Normal mode suggest 3 2 agile force that is sensitive, like the addition of force, escalation of a relatively fast, MIIS less money in the drug area can be reduced. Each level is more an agile and more assassins will have a significant difference. Hope it is useful, we are glad to help you if you have any question or wanna buy Shaiya Powerleveling service from our website. Just contact with our customer service! Have a good day in the wonder game.


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