Assassin Experience in Shaiya (Part One)

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Assassin Experience in Shaiya (Part One) Empty Assassin Experience in Shaiya (Part One)

Post  Admin on Tue May 25, 2010 9:49 pm

The most controversial career of Shaiya in forum. Pleasant for the game is special to be just fine in all job has its own characteristic position itself is the most important is not the same as other games to spend the money on where the two are sideways a group of people to survive, The design as a bad word.

It has been level (Shaiya Gold) 64 to play the unfamiliar to the familiar and skilled slowly began to like and everyone yelling into the battlefield the last five lines of PK.

More then do not say that the assassin had not personal experience or equipment required to wear a blue suit and hit the abandoned high-mounted anti-high-high attack but the body is not already too much do not stab the pursuit of the strengths of each.

Some may say that brand-name equipment Well of course the same job for which there is set to wear orange and wear orange and of course mad war equipment, but my friend put on level (Shaiya Powerleveling) 60 sets of blood less than 10000 PK all the time never had to hang up when it installed an expression of the battlefield, the perfect package that is the ultimate goal of playing high.


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