Opening a Good Start in Shaiya

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Opening a Good Start in Shaiya Empty Opening a Good Start in Shaiya

Post  Admin on Tue May 18, 2010 8:25 pm

In case you still needs it. These may help you in Shaiya. As a specialization Power-Up and Mastery, get a two-handed swords, because you will get two-handed swordies from all important quests like Epic. And, you can use a skill Windspin, with which your level (Shaiya Gold) is far faster.

To make money from farm Earth Alchemy Powders that Bears and Wolfes around level (Shaiya Powerleveling) 12 in Map 1 and sell it in Auction, it is very good income for begginners. Of course, it is usable for guild quest, therefore, if you are already in guild, never do it or you will be fired. Also Gold Apples as a quest items sellable.

Watch for events like battle for Proelium, Cantabilian, War for Relics etc. If your side wins the event, the ice Cream Vendors will appear in the base, selling Ice Creams 100 000 each. Those are sellable in Auction, to, most for 2 times bigger price. This applies only for some event.

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