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Shaiya: Tell you what JP Master Empty Shaiya: Tell you what JP Master

Post  Admin on Thu May 13, 2010 9:38 pm

Master in Shaiya usually full intellectual, or train for TF. TF practiced and do not practice there is no difference. Chilean law is the speed, but usually something and later you may not PK or not to kill them? Have killed 9 Chi hung you afraid? +2 T is no way to kill.

Chile Death Master 8 + 1 body wash 40 or 50 points because an upgrade on the + Fortunately, not speed, the 9 percent Fortunately, the fear of equipment can be 43-46: 5, protecting one, to protect 3,5 blood , weapons (Shaiya Gold) get hold of all 46 legends Fortunately : 5 Fortunately, the strong attack. 2, attacker 3,5 attack, the money will last on the water no strong hit 1 or 4.

Fortunately, the hat can easily point to be aware of their defense, however, can not resist the red star as the death of 60 Master and equipment wise, also hit you all wise up to 2000, count up to 3,000 additional skills, but his defense and resistance will pitiful. Here we supply Shaiya Powerleveling service online with fast delivery for players who need them.

France had a lucky 550 or so can be said to take 99.99% crit, as to the wisdom, it does not matter less.

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