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Shaiya is a rather popular game. There are two goddesses - the goddess of light, and the goddess of fury. They fight with each other, and they call upon their forces of good (or evil) to wage war on the opposing goddess' forces.

The armor designs in this game are unique, but the armor never changes look when worn on different classes. Sure, there are class specific armors, but they all make the character base look the same. As you progress, they get a little more decorative, but they still retain the same look for the classes that wear them. The weapons (Shaiya Gold) all look great, and animate well, and the later weapons are pretty unique in design.

Shaiya's background music is comprised of adventurous orchestral pieces for walking around, and each town has its own little tune. When you enter battle against an AI enemy, a battle tune starts to play, which is pretty neat. But it repeats over most every map. There are a few other pieces of music for each area, such as light, calm tunes and some fast paced combat tunes for certain areas. By the way we also serveShaiya Powerleveling service for players who need it, please come and have a look! Our service will makes you greatly satisfied!

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