God weep battlefield in Shaiya

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God weep battlefield in Shaiya Empty God weep battlefield in Shaiya

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God weep battlefield in Shaiya
God weep in theShaiya is the most important battlefield, the battlefield is best for difficult mixed mode, you can revive dead after all, attribute points more than the normal mode. Choice of occupation, then, soldiers, bow, assassins are the best. Personally think that the assassin's skills than the fighters, strong bow skills, so playing a assassin. Upgrade attributes points: one Agility six power. If you needShaiya Gold you can visit our site .

Fortunately, the state of assassins +90 Lucky +60 Agility, this property accounts for a significant point advantage; a lot of people think that all agile assassin is a plus, to faint, but personally do not think so, plus 6:00 forces can increase attacks, and Assassin the attack speed is the fastest game, upgrading is very efficient. On the battlefield to kill, then you can up front, quick high, then home on strengthening skills in evading skills are a plus, very difficult to hit the enemy.

To level(Shaiya Powerleveling) 60 attack with about 1000 +, you can go kill the enemy center of mad wizard, quickly hung up on the stealth . Immediate concern of the exploits plus all the best luck, so if assassin PK more powerful than the soldiers. With 58 sets of equipment, power +200, +100 agility, lucky +100. 20W exploits a combined 400 + lucky, violence was a lot. Violence can play a shaman 2000 +. Mixed on the battlefield to play a difficult Assassin, it's very interesting .


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