The market on Shaiya (part one)

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The market on Shaiya (part one) Empty The market on Shaiya (part one)

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The market on Shaiya (part one)Author: TassadarMajere

This is about the market on Shaiya ,if you need Shaiya Gold you can come here and you wil find the price is very low . A lot of thread in regards to inflation of prices cropping up lately . This thread is not a proposal to fix anything. It is not a rant. This is to inform everyone of the situation and to have an intellectual debate over what can be done.

Competition for buyers. In the real world, people have many different companies trying to buy your business. They offer similar items and products. Ie. Cellular phone companies: Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile, ATT, Cricket, USCellular to name a few. They are advocating and undercutting each other just a little bit till they have enough money to keep functioning as a business. They will only go so low in pricing because they need to make enough to pay for employees, power, supplier, distributor, marketing and other things. They are also trying to come up with new products and gadgets and add-ons to attract buyers. If you want to level up your character we provide the most secureShaiya Powerleveling service.

In the world of Shaiya, the items to sell are Lapisia, Recreation Runes, and movement/summon runes. The items are not perishable; you don't need to pay a team to promote yourself. A seller sets the price. If another sellers see that Seller A is selling for x amount of gold, why should he (Seller B) sell for less? Why not match Seller A's pricing. You see in Shaiya. You have no need of promoting your business. The items won't expire or perish. If you hold on to the item for 3 months the item will still work and not be outdated. You will always have buyers because 1.the items are needed, 2.not everyone buys AP, 3.The seller sets the price not the buyers .


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