Archer and Hunter Skill Guide in Shaiya

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Archer and Hunter Skill Guide in Shaiya Empty Archer and Hunter Skill Guide in Shaiya

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Archer and Hunter Skill Guide in Shaiya
This is general skill information about Shaiya . Here is where you'll find all the skills an archer and hunter will unlock throughout the course of the game. If any, about each skill in green underneath the technical information. Easy Mode and Normal mode gets 3 skill points per level, Hard mode gets 4 skill points per level, and Ultimate mode 5 skill points per level.

At level(Shaiya Money) 60 an NM will have total 182 points, HM 241, and UM 300. This is NOT enough to get every skill in the game no matter what mode you are. But some skills are not really wanted or needed. A level(Shaiya Powerleveling) 60 UM archer and hunter does have enough stat points to not have to sacrifice anything super important. Also note that an Easy Mode archer and hunter cannot use any skills in the "Special" category but there is no reason to play in Easy mode anyway.

Also any skill that has the tag abnormal condition of "Dying" will not work on bosses or most high level mobs that have a lot of HP. This includes Sustain Shot, Pantera Vision, and Absolute Attack. To be able to blow away 88% of a boss's HP in a single shot would mean a single archer could solo every boss in the game. It is worth noting that there are a few skills that are class specific, meaning a hunter can use them but an archer cannot or an archer can use them but a hunter cannot. Those few skills will be clearly labeled. Most, however, are both archer and hunter skills, unless otherwise noted.

Another thing to note is that both archers and hunters have several weapon options. Archer can use a normal bow, a crossbow, or a one handed sword. Hunters can use a normal bow, a javelin (instead of a crossbow), and a pair of axes (instead of a one handed sword). Archers cannot use javelins or dual axes and hunters cannot use crossbows or one handed swords. The weapon types are equivalent to each other, they are just different to suit the style of the different races.


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