Shaiya How to become a multimillionaire

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Shaiya How to become a multimillionaire Empty Shaiya How to become a multimillionaire

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Shaiya How to become a multimillionaire
What is a merchant in Shaiya ? Business people are good at business, future generations will be business people as "businessmen." That is to buy things, the sale of the east to the west to go buy low and sell high, when you sell things from afar brought back from land sales , of course, today's society progresses, the meaning and status of the merchants are also earth-shaking changes in forms and methods of doing business are rapidly changing.

How to sell things? In Shaiya in a stall is a very natural, and first of all, you have to give your booth to take a unique name, which stores the name and reality, like signs with the gold after the door would not Pa Moren a. If you needShaiya Money you can come here .

And other signs you have a stable future, you must carefully consider what you are selling market conditions, and in the stall before Dou Yiquan can go to other booths to see the same type of goods are probably what the price of one, and then how to determine their own prices to the position. As far as possible they are less expensive than a little, they do not a lot. The other is to note the location of stall, and locked up their target group, it should store hanging in the place where the largest concentration of passenger flow, the main city near the entrance of the Portal and the battlefield is a good choice .

Also note that about? Of course, a successful businessman is the need for their continued accumulation of normal, and usually do not fall Daguai the small Kano, Daguai drop some of the low-level weapons and equipment(Shaiya Powerleveling) may also bring you a windfall, slowly accumulate up sold to trumpet , so add up, are you afraid can not become multimillionaires ?


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