Shaiya Pets Overview Of Rohan(part two)

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Shaiya Pets Overview Of Rohan(part two) Empty Shaiya Pets Overview Of Rohan(part two)

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Shaiya Pets Overview Of Rohan(part two)
Here is the best place for you to buy the cheapest Shaiya Money and Go on your reading:

Hawk–The Hawk will increase Shaiya users attack speed. The attack speed can increase greatly on condition that getting higher Hawk level.

Dragon–The Dragon will act as an additional attacker every so many seconds and based off of the users attack speed and damage. The higher the level of the Dragon, the greater increase in damage.

Monkey–The Monkey will obtain loot for the players and her or his party members. The Monkey can obtain different items, the player will have to set the genre of items he wishes the Monkey to pick up. As the Monkey's level(Shaiya powerleveling) grows, so can the number of different genres of items he can obtain.

Jaguar–The Jaguar increases the players critical %, the higher the level of the Jaguar the greater the critical % increase.
Mounts Pets

Players can gain mounts to travel faster within the game world. Each race in the game has it's own Hawk type; these include dragons, reptiles, wolves, unicorn, spiders, and shorses. Players can obtain their first mount, which offers a 25% speed increase, at level 30, with faster mounts becoming usable at levels 50 and 80. Cash shop mounts are now purchasable and are available at level 30. They have the same movement speed % as the level 70 mounts.


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