Custom Resolution of Shaiya setting

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Custom Resolution of Shaiya setting Empty Custom Resolution of Shaiya setting

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 11, 2010 12:48 am

Custom Resolution of Shaiya setting
How to set Custom Resolution in Shaiya and you can enjoy Shaiya Money:
1-Find your Shaiya folder.

2-In that folder you need to open the file named CONFIG.INI with a word processor like notepad or wordpad. Make a backup copy before editing in case you mess something up, if so, just delete the messed up file and replace with your backup.

3-You then look at the top and you'll easilly see the resolution configuration.

4-Change the numbers to your needs. Here you can get the most secure Shaiya powerleveling.

5-Save your changes and close the file.

6-Start the game, voil!

Important: Do not go over your monitors max resolution, and do not input settings you do not know about, the game already offers some good resolution choices if you're not familiar with editing anything. Thanks for your reading. Hope it could help you more or less.


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